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Pack Like a Pro

Packing up the entire contents of your home can be quite overwhelming. You might be thinking to yourself, “Where do I start?”


The best way to tackle the anxiety of such a large project is to begin as soon as possible, stay organized and remember to take on one task at a time. To help make the process easier on you, we’ve created a start-to-finish guide on how to pack like a pro.


Gather Lots of Packing Materials


Before jumping into the actual packing, it is important to gather all the packing supplies needed to keep your belongings safe and organized. Doing this ahead of time will save your from unnecessary delays or disruptions. Some of the most basic supplies include:


  • Sturdy boxes in a variety of shapes and sizes
  • Bubble wrap/packing paper for wrapping breakables and filling small unused spaces
  • Permanent markers
  • Packing tape
  • Scissors
  • Labels
  • Plastic baggies to keep small pieces together

You will be surprised at how quickly you use these supplies so don’t forget to stock up!




Go through each room and decide which items to keep, donate and toss. Keep in mind the layout and space you have to work with in your new home. Set aside all the items you will be donating and toss the ones that no longer have any use. Look at this process as a good spring cleaning that will leave you feeling lighter!


Start Packing a Low Traffic Room


Choose a room that isn’t used often such as a storage room or attic and start boxing rarely used items like seasonal décor, etc. As a general rule of thumb, always pack the items you seldom use first such as fine china in the kitchen or decorative pieces in the living room. The last thing you want to do is unpack a box before arriving at your new home to find something! Make sure to pack as much as you can in one room before moving onto another.




Be conscious of how much weight you are putting into each box sticking to 50 lbs. max per box. Control the weight by packing heavy items into smaller boxes and always make sure the lid closes flat so the boxes can stack properly in the moving truck.


Packing Items with Small Pieces


When disassembling furniture, packing electronics, etc. there will be small bolts, cords, knobs and pieces. It is very easy to lose or misplace these pieces if they aren’t packed properly. Use a plastic bag to keep all the loose items in one place making it easier to locate during the unpacking and reassembly process. Clearly label each bag so that you aren’t guessing what it belongs to! We recommend you have a “set up” box to put all the bags and pieces in.


Pack the Essentials Last


When packing a room you use all the time, make sure to leave your must have items to the very end; clothing, towels, toiletries, tissues, paper cups and plates, medication, etc. Pack the important, everyday items in a box clearly labelled as “essentials”. This box should ideally be carried with you to your new home. If it will be transported on the moving truck, set the box aside making sure it is loaded last and therefore the first to be unloaded at your new home.