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For over 50 years, Atlas Canada has been moving families locally, long distance across Canada,from Canada to the United States, and internationally to countries around the globe.

Atlas + Atlas Agents Equals Excellence

With over 150 Atlas agents across Canada and 900 agents and affiliates world-wide, our network of highly skilled local agents backed by considerable corporate resources allows you the peace of mind you expect from a national van line.

Our agency network is comprised of independently owned moving companies who provide direct services to all customers. An agent must adhere to Atlas’ stringent quality standards and have the appropriate resources necessary to serve our customers.

Our agents employ the moving consultants/sales representatives, packers and van operators who manage your relocation. The level of service provided by our agent’s packers, van operators and crew members is monitored and measured monthly by Atlas’ Quality Department.

Atlas supports our agents efforts by managing central dispatching, revenue distribution, pricing, claims, IT services, quality programs and skills training. Through this efficient working relationship you receive the personal attention of a local agent and the backing of a reputable, national van line.

Atlas Provides Peace of Mind When You Move

Who do you open the door of your home to…friends and family…what about strangers? Atlas understands that our customers want to know who will be given access to their home and possessions during a move.

When you choose Atlas Canada for your move, you can be secure in the knowledge that the personnel involved in your move have under-gone a thorough, criminal background check through Canada’s largest background checking company (BackCheck). It is a condition of employment that all salespeople, packers, van operators and crew members be cleared for Atlas service.

Currently, we have over 3,500 Atlas agent employees across Canada who have completed this process and who will be wearing or carrying an official Atlas “BackCheck” photo identification badge that has their verification number printed on the badge which can be validated by going to

Atlas Helps You Plan Your Move

Planning and coordination is the key to a successful move. Your Atlas moving consultant will meet with you before the move to learn your details and specific needs and to answer any questions you may have. To determine the estimated cost for your move, your consultant will walk through your home to itemize all of the furniture, appliances, cartons and miscellaneous items that are to be moved. For the most accurate cost estimate, be sure to mention any items stored in concealed areas such as a crawl space or attic or at an off-site location like a self-storage facility, cottage or office.

Most of our representatives now use a customized software program on an iPad tablet that incorporates industry averages for the weight and cube of items found in a home. A detailed room by room, item by item report will be created from this process for your reference. It will also include agent packing requirements, a summary of owner packed cartons and will note any items which are not being shipped.

Charges for a domestic long distance move are based on the scaled weight of your shipment. There will be an extra charge for locations that are not accessible to our trailer-tractor equipment. This can take the form of a shuttle (transferring between a smaller truck and the trailer) or a long-carry charge. The three major cost components are transportation charges which are based on weight and miles, additional services like packing of cartons, appliance disconnection/reconnection, unpacking and the amount of cargo protection you choose. Payment can be made by credit card, cash or certified cheque.

If you are moving a minimum of 40km to start a new job or business, some of your moving expenses may be tax deductible. Visit for more information.

Atlas Agents Pack with Care

Did you know that improper packing is the most common cause of breakage during a move? The good news, Atlas packers bring proven skills to prevent breakage or damage. Our trained packers understand that moving fragile, delicate items involves more than simply placing them in a box. It takes special care. It also takes knowledge of the right packing materials and techniques. Whether you are moving an aquarium or treasured china that has been in the family for generations our Atlas packers know what packing materials work best to ensure safe transit. They also use custom wooden crates for things like crystal chandeliers, pool table slate and antiques.

Then there are things you can pack yourself to keep the moving cost within your budget. These include non-breakables like bed linens, books, towels, children’s toys etc. Your Atlas representative can provide you with the same material as our professional packers use including double or triple walled cartons, cushioning wrap, bubble wrap, and packing tape. All are readily available at affordable prices.

If you want your clothing to arrive wrinkle-free then Atlas can provide wardrobe cartons. We can also supply our special, high-density 5ml plastic bags (similar to what is used by manufacturers) to ensure that your mattresses will be properly protected.

Please be aware that there are some things that cannot be transported on the moving van because they are either hazardous or perishable. Items that are flammable, corrosive or explosive are prohibited. This includes aerosols, acids, cleaning solvents, fertilizer, gasoline, ammunition, household batteries, kerosene, fire extinguishers, motor oil, liquid bleach, paint thinners, pesticides, propane tanks and other similar items.

Remember, you should not include items like important documents including birth certificates, passports, stock certificates or items like prescription medications, jewelry, photographs and other sentimental keepsakes on the moving van. Pack these items in your personal luggage.

Atlas Protects All of Your Possessions

Think of your Atlas Van Operator as your “moving manager”. He is a highly trained professional who will take charge of the entire process from start to finish. It is his responsibility to ensure that your possessions are properly protected and loaded on the van so they can be safely transported to destination. On moving day, your van operator and his crew will first protect your home by using special padding for bannisters and laying down floor runners to protect flooring and carpets.

The next step is to complete the Household Goods Descriptive Inventory and affix inventory tag numbers on all furniture pieces and cartons. Pre-existing damage will be noted at this time. Upon delivery you will be asked to verify that all items have been delivered using the customer “check-off” sheet.

White and light coloured upholstered furniture will be covered with clear plastic stretch wrap before being carefully encased in clean, quilted moving blankets. These thick, cushioned moving pads are used to protect all furniture items. Any items disassembled at origin will be reassembled for you at destination. All hardware pieces will be placed in our specially designed “set-up” carton for safekeeping during transit and easy access at the time of delivery.

Your automobile can be moved on the van with your furniture or if you prefer, your Atlas representative can make third party arrangements for rail or car-carrier. Recreational items like boats, canoes, ski-doo etc. can also be included in your shipment.

Atlas Offers a Choice of Protection Plans

Your Atlas moving consultant will provide you with a copy of our Transit Protection Certificate which clearly explains the cargo protection options available to you. This form will also detail any exclusions to liability. Please note that damage to items packed by the owner is not covered unless there is external damage to the outside of the carton when it is delivered. This is one reason why you should seriously consider having your Atlas agent pack your breakable and fragile items.

Your Atlas representative will discuss this important topic with you so you can make an informed decision about which option is right for you.

The first is basic coverage for which there is no additional premium. This option is called “Released” and it means in the case of loss or damage you will only be reimbursed at the rate of 60 cents per pound per article. This coverage is usually not sufficient unless you have supplementary coverage through your Homeowner’s insurance policy.

The second option provides coverage up to the “Full Replacement Value” of your possessions based on today’s market price for items of like kind and quality if an item cannot be repaired. There is a premium for this coverage.

Your Atlas van operator will ask you to declare a total value for your shipment on your Bill of Lading which is the legal moving contract. If you want the full replacement option then the declaration must be a minimum of $10.00 multiplied by the weight of your shipment. For example, if your shipment weighs 10,000 pounds then the declaration would be $100,000. You may declare a higher value if you wish. Items of extraordinary value (in excess of $5,000) should be declared separately. You will be required to provide proof of value (i.e. appraisals). Coverage for automobiles and recreational vehicles such as trailers, campers, snowmobiles, motorcycles, boats etc. is limited to the current value for the year, make, model and condition.

Atlas Can Coordinate Special Services

Atlas can provide you with a full service move that includes the coordination of specialty services. Our network of pre-qualified service providers and our bulk buying power ensures that we can arrange these services on your behalf at a reasonable cost and with the assurance that the work will be done properly.

Appliances and other mechanical items should be properly prepared and serviced prior to shipping. Some items like swing sets, garden sheds, exercise equipment etc. also require special disassembly in order to fit on the moving van.

Pianos of varying sizes can be moved on the van however for a grand or baby-grand piano, pre-move servicing or disassembly by a certified piano technician may be required. You should always plan on having your piano re-tuned after it arrives at your new home.

Atlas also understands that the family pet(s) are members of your household too. If necessary, we can arrange for travel cases, boarding and air transportation for you.

Atlas Will Help You Settle In

Meeting pick-up and delivery dates is difficult for some carriers…but not for Atlas as we have extensive resources within our network to service our customers. Depending on the weight of your shipment and the distance it will be travelling, our central operations department will assign a "spread date" which provides a minimum to maximum number of days for your delivery. This process is needed for scheduling and efficiency as there is usually more than one shipment on a moving van. Your Atlas van operator will contact you a minimum of 24 hours in advance to confirm delivery.

In the unlikely event that we do not deliver by the last day of your delivery spread, Atlas will reimburse you for reasonable out-of-pocket expenses (i.e. hotel and meals) that result from this delay. If your automobile is included on the van with your household possessions, we will also cover the expense of a car rental.

When your van operator arrives for delivery, he will provide you with a check-off sheet so that you can confirm that everything on the original inventory listing has been delivered. If there are any items missing or damage, he will ask you to make a note on the inventory listing form and initial it. Your furniture will be placed in your home as directed by you and packed cartons will be put in the proper rooms as per the labels or marking on the outside of the carton.

If you had your Atlas agent do some or all of your packing, then arrangements will have been made for your local Atlas destination agent to do the unpacking. Normally this is done on the day following delivery but same day arrangements can be made unless it is a very large shipment. The Atlas agent will also make any necessary arrangements for third party services such as appliance reconnection.

Atlas service providers take every possible precaution to prevent any loss or damage to your valued possessions but in the event that you need to file a claim, you can do so online or can contact your local destination agent for a claim form.

Having an Atlas representative at both ends of the move ensures that you will have the service you expect until you are completely settled in your new home.

Value Added Moving Programs

Atlas Canada, in partnership with other companies, has developed a number of value added programs. These incentives are intended to provide our moving customers with bonuses and savings on move related products and services.

There is no additional charge to take advantage of the offers. They are simply our way of saying "thank you for moving with Atlas Canada".

Value added programs include Aeroplan® miles with every move, special reduced rates on AVIS® Car Rentals, preferred pricing at The Brick®, corporate rates with Delta Hotels, special offers from Reliance Protectron™ and Welcome Wagon discounts. Talk to your Atlas moving consultant to see if these programs are available in your area.

Get expert assistance from qualified home service professionals before, during, and after your local move or long distance move. Move with Atlas Canada moving company and ask your Atlas moving representative to organize for a Welcome Wagon representative to contact you after your local move or long distance move. Atlas' Move Management centre can discuss the special savings program for Brick Platinum Card Holders for your long distance or local moves within Canada or to the United States.
Be sure to provide your Aeroplan number when you book your move through Atlas Van Lines.You'll receive 500 Aeroplan Miles on local moves, 2,500 on long-distance moves and 3,500 on international moves.You can also earn Aeroplan Miles on commercial and office moves. Ask your moving consultant for details. Reliance Protectron Ask an Atlas moving consultant about special reduced rates for car rentals anywhere in North America with Avis when you choose Atlas moving company for your move.

Pround Supporter of Royal LePage Shelter Foundation

In November 2009, Atlas Canada and its agency family became a national partner of Royal LePage’s “Shelter Foundation”. The Shelter Foundation is the largest Canadian foundation dedicated to providing support to over 200 women's shelters in every province and territory. They help more than 30,000 women and children escape a life of violence and abuse each year. One of the major fundraising events is the annual National Garage Sale Day that takes place in communities all across Canada. Atlas agents provide "services in kind" including transportation, storage, volunteers and fundraising. For more information about the Shelter Foundation go to and click on the Shelter logo.

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