Moving Checklist

Moving is a hectic time in any family’s life. One of the secrets to helping keep things on track is to stay organized with a moving check list. As your moving date gets closer, print out this handy, last minute checklist to make sure you remember everything that needs to be done.


❑ Moving documents
❑ School records
❑ Transfer Medical records
❑ Dental records
❑ Veterinarian records
❑ Passports
❑ Contents of safety deposit box
❑ Insurance policies
❑ House papers
❑ Transfer bank accounts


Never transport jewelry, money or other valuables on the moving van.

❑ Jewelry
❑ Silver/gold
❑ Stocks/bond certificates
❑ Collections
❑ Photographs


❑ Pack sufficient clothing to wear before your shipment arrives
❑ Refill medication and prescriptions
❑ Plane tickets/directions
❑ Credit cards/money
❑ Duplicate keys
❑ Toys/games for children
❑ Blanket/pillows

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Moving Checklist (PDF)

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