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Use our moving tips to ensure you have the best moving experience possible.

• Stay away from end of months (particularly June, July and August) if possible. Movers are stretched beyond their limits at that time. If you must move at a month end, make your moving arrangements 6-8 weeks prior to move date.

• Never plan to move in on your “closing” day. Sometimes there are delays in the closing or the former owners may be later moving out.

• Go through your home from top to bottom before the moving consultant comes to do their survey. Decide what is being moved and what will be sold or discarded. Make a list of items kept at another location including items loaned.

• If you are doing some/all of your own packing, arrange to get started well in advance of the move. Packing is much harder than most people expect.

• If you are doing some/all of your own packing, arrange to purchase cartons and other supplies from your Atlas representative. They are available at a nominal cost and are much stronger than discarded cartons from the grocery store.

• Dispose of all flammables such as cleaning fluids and aerosol cans. Your Atlas representative can provide you with a list of “non-admissible” items.

• Use up food from your freezer and pantry. Clean your freezer and refrigerator 24-48 hours prior to the move to give these appliances time to properly dry. Put a charcoal filter or baking soda fridge pack inside to keep the appliance fresh. Leave lids and doors open until they are dry.

• Make sure you have/or obtain written appraisal for antiques, high value artwork etc. to verify their value prior to the move. Provide a copy to your Atlas moving consultant.

• Appliances like washers and items like grandfather clocks need special servicing before and after the move. Make arrangements with a licensed service person or ask your Atlas representative to make the arrangements for you.

• Movers do not remove items affixed to ceilings and walls. Remove drapery tracks, curtain rods, blinds or other such items, before the packers/movers arrive.

• You can leave lightweight items in dresser drawers but do not put books, linens or other heavy items in them. Be sure to remove valuables like jewellery and fragile items.




• Tour your house including the attic, garage, storage shed and decide which items should be discarded or donated to charity.

• Consider a garage sale.

• Contact your Atlas Van Lines Agent and request an accurate estimate of your moving charges.

• Arrange for the transfer of records (school, medical, insurance, etc.).

• Book a reliable service firm to prepare your appliances - washer, dryer, etc. - for moving.

• Arrange for the connection of utilities in new home.


• Start packing if you have planned to do some of it yourself. See Atlas’ packing tips on our website.

• Arrange for transportation of pets, including kennels. Obtain animal health records from your veterinarian.

• Plan to use up frozen food and staples. Buy only what will be used before moving. Perishables cannot be transported.

• Dispose of flammables that cannot be transported- paint, matches, cleaning fluids, etc.

• Notify post office, mail order accounts, etc. of your pending change of address.


• Draw up a floor plan of your new home and indicate furniture placement. It makes moving in twice as easy.

• Get your car fully checked and serviced for travelling.

• Arrange to discontinue utilities, cable, internet and delivery services.

• Return borrowed items and collect anything lent or out for repairs.

• Arrange for young children and/or pets to be cared for on packing, loading and delivery days.


• Prepare for trip. Finish packing all suitcases and basic essentials. Plan to carry valuable documents, currency and jewellery with you.

• Drain water from garden hoses and oil/fuel from lawn mower and other machinery.

• Defrost and wipe dry fridge and freezer. Don’t overlook the defrost water pan.

• Take down all items that are attached to the walls. Dismantle large power tools such as lathes, grinders, etc.

• Confirm that you have important papers, keys, medications, plane tickets and appropriate clothing with you for the trip.


Have a clear workspace available for packers. Point out, (a) fragile valuable items; (b) items you will be taking with you; (c) anything to be left for new owners.


Plan to stay home until the moving van has left. Tour house with van operator during inventory, sign Bill of Lading, confirm new address and delivery date. Be sure to check destination contact phone numbers. Do final check for overlooked items. Make certain windows and doors are locked, utilities are discontinued or turned off, keys are transferred and lights are out.


Arrive at your new home a day ahead of the moving van to verify utilities are connected and floor plan is correct. Check off unloaded items on the inventory list. Make arrangements for installation of appliances. Confirm unpacking requirements.

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❑ Bank Records
❑ Club Memberships
❑ House/Car Insurance
❑ Legal Contracts
❑ Medical/Optometrist/Dental Records
❑ School Records
❑ Veterinarian Records


❑ Church
❑ Credit Card Companies
❑ Government (family allowances, health cards, etc.)
❑ Magazines/ Mail Order Accounts/Post Office
❑ Vehicle Registration Bureau


❑ Cable/Internet/ Telephone/Mobile
❑ Diaper Service
❑ Electricity/ Water/Softener Services
❑ Food Service
❑ Laundry/Dry Cleaning/Household Cleaning Services
❑ Lawn/Snow Service
❑ Newspaper Delivery
❑ Oil/Propane deliveries

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