Regina is the capital of Saskatchewan and the 16th largest city in Canada.

The population of the city was recorded at 194,971 in 2006. Regina is located in the south central area of the province. It borders the American states of Montana and North Dakota. Regina’s resource-based economy is fueled by agriculture, oil, and gas production.

About Regina
Regina, Saskatchewan

Regina History

Before the first settlers arrived in the 1880’s, Cree Indians came to the area to hunt the roaming herds of buffalo. In June of 1882, the first settlers began to set up camp near the Wascana Lake. They called the settlement Pile of Bones because of the buffalo bones surrounding the area. With flat and fertile land, the settlement grew quickly. However, Pile of Bones wasn’t considered an attractive name for a grown town, so in 1882 it was renamed to Regina.

History of Regina

Regina Weather

Regina is the sunniest capital city in Canada! Summer temperatures average from 23°C to -11°C in the winter. Regina’s physical coordinates are 50°25'N, 104°40'W, with an elevation at 578 meters. The total annual precipitation is 363.9 milimetres.

Climate of Regina
Regina Weather

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Cost of living in Regina

Comparing the cost of living in Regina to that of New York City, you’ll realize you can save a lot of cash. Regina’s cost of living is 68 percent of that in New York. The rent cost is only 27 percent of what you would pay renting in New York. Groceries only cost 68 percent of what they cost in the Big Apple.

Cost of Living Regina
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Real Estate

For year-to-date, 338 homes have been sold in all geographic areas compared to 355 in 2016. That is a 5% decline. Based on sales activity in February, 2017, the Home Price Index is up 3.5% from $280,800 one year ago. You won’t have to stress too much about finding a home, there are many active listings in Regina on Royal LePage.

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Regina General Hospital and Pasqua Hospital will be your friend in case of an emergency. Regina General Hospital has its beginnings when the Catholic Sisters moved from Halloran Hospital in Jackson, Minnesota up to Regina to open up a “sister” hospital. Pasqua Hospital has been open since 1907. Formerly called the Grey Nuns Hospital, it has a tradition of care and community services. Both Hospitals have seen changes over the years, but never wavering in their service to the surrounding community.

Pasqua Hospital
Regina General Hospital


Regina has many multi-use pathways and bicycle routes that criss-cross the city. If you’re looking for regional and international travel, you can fly from the Regina International Airport.

Regina Transportation


Regina’s public school division No.4 of Saskatchewan is one of the largest school divisions in the province. This division provides education for more than 22,000 students. Regina Public School provides education for those who need educational support. The teachers help students with many challenges ranging from language barriers to intensive needs.

Regina Public Schools

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Double Tree by Hilton Hotel & Conference Centre offers a place to rest your head and meet your colleges the following morning. By choosing to stay with Double Tree, you are treated to a complementary cookie when you arrive and a comfortable night’s rest. If bed and breakfasts are more your style, check out Dragon’s Nest. They give you a chance to cuddle up against the belly of the dragon.

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Dragon's Nest
Double Tree


Looking for fine dining? Look no further than Memories Dining & Bar in downtown Regina. Their featured culinary choices include French flambé, steak, seafood a la carte, and homemade pastas. If you are looking for something “hipster approved” check out Flip Eatery & Drink. Flip has become an anchor for downtown nightlife in Regina. Adding a little bit of swagger to the downtown scene in Regina, Flip makes this decision a “wrap”.

Regina's Best of Food 2015 by Prairie Dogs
Memories Dining

Things To Do

While you are in Regina, take some time to check out the Royal Saskatchewan Museum. It was established in 1906 as the Provincial Museum. Its life science displays will show you how nature maintains its dynamic balance and how our human “footprint” is influencing a change in that balance. If you are looking to get out and experience some of that nature for yourself, head over to Wascana Centre to experience an internationally recognized, beautiful park. The Wascana Centre surrounds the stunning Wascana Lake.

Wascana Centre
Royal Saskatchewan Museum