Quebec City is the provincial capital of Quebec.

The city is near the north shore of the St. Lawrence River. Quebec City, is the second largest city in Quebec with a population of 532,000 (2015 estimate). Quebec City is continuing to flourish, being the regional administrative and services centre of Quebec. Today, the city is a major centre of French culture, with French being the official language.

Quebec History

Originally, Aboriginal hunters and fishermen occupied the Quebec ground. Thousands of years later, around 1535 the French arrived. The city was formally established by the French in 1608. The city functioned as a transport city of basic goods to Europe. Present-day Quebec City thrives from its status as the provincial capital in commerce. Quebec City is abundant with history, having a fortified colonial core with a rich French-Canadian heritage.

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Quebec Weather

Quebec City weather is temperamental with vastly different seasons. The summer months can be full of pleasant weather with average temperatures ranging from 21°C to 26°C. The winters are frigid (-16°C to -5°C) and commonly accompanied by rain and snow. Despite harsh winter conditions, the Quebecois cheerfully celebrate the holidays, you can find the streets decked with decor and carnival festivals during the months of January and February.

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Cost of living in Quebec

According to Numbeo, the cost of living in Quebec City is about $737.12 for a single bedroom apartment. Compared to New York, the cost of living is about 81 percent lower. And compared to Montreal, the other large city in Quebec, the cost of living is about 27 percent lower. Overall, you'll find Quebec City to be reasonable in most categories.

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Real Estate

Quebec City is divided into six different boroughs, each having six neighbourhoods. Per the most recent census, there are approximately 255,785 private dwellings. In 2016, according to a real estate survey, Quebec City's housing prices are unbeatable in the province. The provincial capital on average has the cheapest real estate, with a single-family home valuing at $266,578.

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In Quebec City, you'll find five hospitals serving the area. Laval University hospital is within a few miles of the city. In Old Quebec City, Hotel-Dieu de Quebec provides specialized care in cancer and nephology. Hotel-Dieu de Quebec has a 24/7 emergency as well.

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If you prefer various options for public transit, you'll be quite fond of Quebec City. There are many buses and shuttle services that cover the area. If you're one for walking and sight-seeing, take a stroll through historic Upper and Lower town districts. The city advocates healthy living, providing roughly 400 km in bike trails.

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Quebec provides a fruitful educational experience, especially in the languages. Quebec City oversees 130 public primary and secondary educational institutions. You'll find a range of public and private schools. Collectively, Quebec is home to the highest percentage of students attending private schools in North America. For higher education, Quebec City is home to numerous colleges and a university.

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You’ll find many options for lodging in Quebec City. Auberge Saint-Antoine is a high-end modern historic hotel with all the amenities. And if you'd like something less traditional, you'll find plenty of Airbnb alternatives. According to TripAdvisor, Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac is the best-valued hotel with a few luxuries.

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Quebec City's culinary scene is surrounded with beautiful landscapes and settings. Cafe Saint-Malo's terrace is fitting for a relaxed summer lunch. Or find yourself a table at Le Billig with Old Quebec as your backdrop. If you'd like an authentic taste of Quebec City, Restaurant Legende uses mostly local ingredients. And if you're fond of fish, sturgeon is caught daily.

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Things To Do

Full of French-Canadian culture, Quebec City ranks highly in things to do. A great place to start is taking a ferry to Levis. You'll get a picturesque view of the provincial capital and the St. Lawrence River. Château Frontenac, built in the 19th century, is full of Old Quebec City’s fortified architecture. The Quebecois love their brews, don't miss out on the many microbreweries scattered throughout the city.

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