Moncton is a city of 69,074 residents in the southeastern part of New Brunswick.

English is the predominant language of greater Moncton (62 percent) with French second (35 percent). Moncton’s location has made it a transportation center with connectivity by rail, highway, and air throughout New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. It is known as “The Hub of the Maritimes.”

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Moncton History

Moncton was likely settled around 1735 by Acadians. They inhabited there for 20-years until the French and Indian War, when they were expelled by the British. In 1766, an expedition from Pennsylvania settled in the area. The expedition named Moncton after the British officer who had wrested Fort Beauséjour from the Acadians eleven years earlier.

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Moncton Weather

Moncton’s climate is classified as humid continental. Winters are cold, summers are warm, and precipitation is plentiful year round, with snow likely from December to February. Temperatures range from average lows of -13°C in January to average highs of 25°C in July and August.

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Cost of living in Moncton

According to Numbeo, you can live in Moncton for about a third less than the cost to live in New York City. Rent is an exceptional bargain at less than a fifth of the cost compared to the Big Apple. Rent is also about 27 percent lower in Moncton than in Montréal, and about 55 percent below what you will pay for housing in Toronto.

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Real Estate

New Brunswick is known for affordable housing. As of December 2016, the average price of a home (detached) in Moncton was $172.3K. In the Moncton CMA (per 2011 census) there are 62,403 private dwellings; 58,295 of these are are occupied by usual residents. There are 33,120 single-detached houses in the greater Moncton area.

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The Government of New Brunswick administers public health care services via two Regional Health Authorities. These encompass services delivered at hospitals and community health centres. Horizon Health Network operates 15 facilities in Moncton, including The Moncton Hospital, a critical care and level 2 trauma centre. Vitalité Health Network operates six hospitals and community health centres in the Moncton area.

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You have a lot of options for getting to, from, and around Moncton. As the transportation hub of the Maritimes, Moncton is well connected by rail (VIA Rail Canada) and highways (15, 134, 114, 126, 128, 132, and the Trans-Canada Highway). You can travel throughout the Maritimes on public buses (Maritime Bus) or around the city on public buses which provide free WiFi. The primary hub for air travel is the Greater Moncton Roméo LeBlanc International Airport.

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The Anglophone East School District provides public education in southeastern New Brunswick. It serves approximately 15,600 students (K through 12) in 37 schools. There are few private schools, among them a Montessori Academy and a private Christian school (K-12). There are more than a dozen colleges and universities in Moncton, including Université de Moncton, the largest French-language university in Canada outside Quebec.

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Lodging options are abundant in Moncton. You’ll find a variety of hotels for any budget located throughout the city and greater Moncton area. The Delta Hotels Beausejour, a Marriott property, is highly rated by guests and puts you right in the heart of downtown close to attractions such as Magnetic Hill Zoo, Moncton Coliseum, and Hopewell Rocks. Compare Deals in Moncton
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Moncton offers plenty of choices for any appetite and any budget, from elegant to casual to fast food. Little Louis’ provides a high-end dining experience with seasonal dishes masterfully prepared and paired with choice vintages. For a bit less coin, Gusto Italian Grill & Bar is a popular choice that serves wood-fired pizza. For an inexpensive, healthful and flavorful vegetarian selections, visit Veggie Vietnam, a good choice for carryout as well as dining in.

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Things To Do

Have you ever seen a “gravity hill”? At Moncton’s Magnetic Hill, cars seem to roll uphill rather than down—an optical illusion created by the terrain. While you’re there, visit the Magnetic Hill Zoo and its rare animal species. During the summer, you might also enjoy some splashing fun at the Magic Mountain Water Park. It’s also located in the Magnetic Hill entertainment complex.

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