Mississauga has a population of 713,443 as of a census taken in 2011.

The city itself is located west of Toronto on the banks of Lake Ontario. Mississauga is Canada’s sixth largest city. It is one of Canada’s fastest growing cities. Mississauga is surrounded by Etobicoke Creek and the Credit River.

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Mississauga History

Mississauga has a rich history that dates back to before European settlement. In the early 1600s, French traders made contact with Native peoples called the Mississaugas. “Mississauga” translates to “River of the North of Many Mouths”. The Town of Mississauga was created in 1968, but it was not incorporated until 1974.

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Mississauga Weather

The Climate in Mississauga is moderate. Average temperatures range from -6°C in January to 20°C in July. Snowfall is less than the national average for Ontario. When it comes to rain, Mississauga has about 797 millimetre of precipitation annually.

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Cost of living in Mississauga

You would need $5,077.42 to be able to maintain the same standard of life that you would spend $5,300.00 in Toronto. Rent is 16 percent lower than in Toronto. Groceries, however, are 5 percent higher than in Toronto.

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Real Estate

The average price of homes sold in January 2017 was a record $700,369, up 28.5 percent from January 2016. At the end of January 2017, the overall supply of residential listings was down 55 percent to 448.

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Trillium Health Partners is the leading hospital in the Mississauga area. It is comprised of Credit Valley Hospital, Mississauga Hospital, and Queens Way Health Centre. They offer services acute hospital care, community-based services, surgery, and emergency services. Credit Valley Hospital has consistently met Accreditation Canada’s national safety and patient care standards. They lead the way in the entire province with reducing ER waiting times.

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Driving in Mississauga can get you anywhere. The city’s major highways include: 401 (connecting Windsor-Detroit to Quebec), 403 (to Hamilton via QEW in Oakville/Burlington), 409 (direct access into Pearson Airport terminals), 410 (to Brampton), and Queen Elizabeth Way (to Niagara Falls and Buffalo). Along with your own vehicle, GO Transit offers access to Toronto’s Union Station for commuting in and out of the city. GO also includes services via bus. GO Transit connects students and professionals alike to suburban and city hubs like McMaster University, University of Toronto at Scarborough, and out to Oshawa, Ontario.

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Mississauga is a part of the Peel School District. The school district also encompasses Caledon and Brampton. There are 101 Elementary schools and 20 Secondary schools. As of Sept. 30th, 2016, there are a total of 153,858 students in the Peel School District.

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The Hilton and Holiday Inn & Suites are popular hotels in Mississauga. There are many options to choose from if you are looking for a bed and breakfast experience. With abundant public transportation, Mississauga gives you the flexibility to be downtown Toronto one day, and Pearson the next. No matter where you stay, you have easy access to your choice of adventure.

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When it comes to food, Mississauga boasts an array of delicious international dishes, old school diners and fusion restaurants. With Mississauga being the third most populated place in Ontario, this brings cultures together from Chinese to Indian to Italian. If south Indian food is your thing, check out Guru Lukshmi off of St Barbara Blvd. Mickey’s Pizza will give you a Chicago-style pizza that would make you feel like you’re in the Windy City! Bring an empty stomach when you are looking to experience the culinary experiences of Mississauga.

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Things To Do

The Mississauga Civic Centre is an architectural landmark that opened up in 1987. The Living Arts Centre is a multipurpose centre for performing arts and education. Mississauga is also home to over 481 recreational parks and trails. If shopping is your thing, check out Square One Shopping Centre. It is the largest mall in Ontario.

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