Fredericton is the provincial capital of New Brunswick.

It is the third-largest city in New Brunswick with a population of roughly 58,220 (2016 estimate). The city has picturesque river views because it borders the Saint John River. Fredericton, rich in art and literature, is the capital of poetry in Canada. The city possesses a youthful energy with abundance in festivals, pubs, and cafes.

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Fredericton History

Fredericton's story began with the arrival of the Loyalists of King George III in 1783. The Loyalists had received separate colonial status in the American War of Independence for the new colony New Brunswick. In 1785, Colonel Thomas Carleton (the first governor of New Brunswick), named the city "Frederictown". The city would be officially incorporated in 1846. Today, you can find Fredericton's British heritage in the city's buildings and architectural style.

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Fredericton Weather

Fredericton's weather is quite ordinary for Canada. The city's climate is semi-continental with a warm summer and a cold winter. During the year, temperatures fluctuate from -14°C to 26°C. The daily average is 19°C in the summer season and 2°C in the winter season. Fredericton does experience some slight snow and rain throughout the year.

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Cost of living in Fredericton

According to Numbeo, the cost of living in Fredericton is about $737.50 for a single bedroom apartment. Compared to New York, the cost of living is about 81 percent lower. Moncton, another large city in New Brunswick, the cost of living is about four percent lower than Fredericton. Although, Fredericton living costs are lower than most Canadian capital cities.

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Real Estate

Per the most recent census, there are 39,015 private dwellings in Fredericton. The Fredericton area is home to ten neighbourhoods, offering rural and urban settings. Fredericton is ideal for entrepreneurs with low startup costs for a capital city. Business is thriving in Fredericton; the city has a business for every 14 residents. Fredericton is family friendly with its affordable housing, low crime rate, and recreational facilities.

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Fredericton, being the capital of New Brunswick, is closely located to many hospitals. Dr. Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital is in the centre of Fredericton and offers a multitude of services. The regional hospital holds close ties with the University of New Brunswick and Dalhousie University. Oromocto Health Centre, a smaller primary health care centre, is just eastward of Fredericton.

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Choices beyond driving are essential for Fredericton; the city prioritizes viable transportation alternatives. The Fredericton Transit Division operates 28 buses on nine routes, running Monday-Saturday. The City also provides mobility-challenged residents a Para Transit service running Monday-Saturday. In 2007, Fredericton implemented a 10+ year active transportation plan. Today, the city has more than 80 km of trails for pedestrians to walk and bike.

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New Brunswick is the only bilingual province in Canada. Fredericton is home to three public high schools, two operating in English and one in French. Fredericton Christian Academy is the only private school in Fredericton. Fredericton, having nine colleges and universities, is abundant in post-secondary education. Fredericton is home to the University of New Brunswick, Canada's oldest English language university. St. Thomas University, a national leader in liberal arts education, is also located in Fredericton.

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Fredericton accommodations have earned a reputation for being hospitable and friendly. Quartermain House B&B is a great historic stay on Waterloo Row along Saint John River. The UNB Summer Hotel is easy on the pocketbook and is in walking distance of the University of New Brunswick. If you prefer something more traditional, Fredericton is home to Holiday and Hampton Inn.

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Cheers! Great craft breweries are a required part of Fredericton culture. Start your journey at the Trailway Brewing Co., specializing in flavourful American-style ales. The Wolastoq Wharf, known for their seafood, is a great eat if you'd like to get a taste of local Fredericton cuisine. If you're strolling downtown, stop in at BrewBakers and enjoy casual fine dining on their rooftop garden patio. And you won't want to miss out on the Schnitzel Parlour, a local favorite and the only authentic German restaurant in Fredericton.

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Things To Do

Despite the season, Fredericton offers a variety of experiences and things to do! The Fredericton Boyce Farmers Market, open every Saturday from 6 am - 1 pm, is a Fredericton staple with more than 250 vendors. You'll discover ethnic delicacies, locally harvested seasonal products, and much more. If you're one for the culture scene, take a tour of the prestigious provincial Beaverbrook Art Gallery. If you're traveling with the family, the Historic Garrison District is rich in Fredericton heritage and offers free daily entertainment.

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