Edmonton is the capital of Alberta and the province’s second-largest city with a population of 932,546 (2016 census).

The city occupies about 685 sq km of land and sits 645 m above sea level on the North Saskatchewan River. With massive oil and gas reserves and a thriving petrochemical industry, Edmonton is known as the Oil Capital of Canada. Its motto is “industry, integrity, progress.”

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Edmonton History

It is believed the first European to explore the Edmonton area was working for the Hudson Bay Company as it sought to expand its fur trade in the 1750s. Several decades after this foray, settlers built Fort Edmonton, the company’s trading post, on the North Saskatchewan River. This settlement became the basis for the town and eventually a city, incorporated in 1904.

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Edmonton Weather

The climate in Edmonton is classified as humid continental. Despite the humid label, the air is quite dry and sunshine is plentiful most of the year. Winters are cold and snowy. Temperatures range from average lows of -19°C in January to average daily highs of 22°C in July and August. Rainfall is heaviest from May through September.

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Settle In

Cost of living in Edmonton

According to Numbeo, the cost of living in Edmonton is about 28 percent lower than the cost to live in New York City. You’ll save primarily on rent—it is less than a third of what you would expect to pay in the Big Apple. The cost of living in Edmonton is slightly lower than the cost to live in Toronto.

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Real Estate

Edmonton is commonly thought of as seven geographic sections; the long-established central core of the city surrounded by sectors in the north, northeast, northwest, southeast, southwest, and west. More than 370 discrete neighborhoods comprise these sectors of the city. In 2016, the average resale price of homes in Edmonton was $371,355.

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Alberta Health Services is responsible for the delivery of health care to residents of Edmonton. It operates seven hospitals within the Highway 216 perimeter and another six hospitals within 50 km of the city. One of these, the Sturgeon Community Hospital, earned an A+ rating by CBC’s “The Fifth Estate” in a 2013 investigative report on Canada’s hospitals.

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Ground access to and from Edmonton is served primarily by Highway 16 and the QEII Highway; Via Rail provides inter-city rail service via transcontinental lines. The primary air hub is Edmonton International Airport (EIA). In and around the city, Edmonton Transit Service (ETS) provides a fully integrated system for public transportation with buses and light rail. A multi-use trail system serves pedestrians and bicyclists.

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The Edmonton Public Schools administer public education for students from elementary through high school. It operates 205 schools and serves approximately 96,000 students. Edmonton Catholic Schools operates 90 schools (K-12) serving about 41,000 students. Edmonton is home to several colleges and two universities, including University of Alberta with an enrollment of about 38,000 students from 143 countries.

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Enjoy The City


When you plan a stay in Edmonton, you have over a hundred different choices in lodging. If you would like a luxury stay in the city, consider The Fairmont Hotel Macdonald in the heart of downtown. If your budget is more modest, the Days Inn Downtown is a popular choice. It’s within a short walk to several nice restaurants.

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With many varied restaurants in Edmonton, you’ll enjoy discovering your own best places to eat. The Baijiu downtown is a new, popular spot for cocktails and Korean inspired dishes. For Scandinavian-French flavors, head to Cafe Linnea and be comforted by the Smoked Pot Pie. If you’re craving fresh breads and pastries, prioritize a visit to Bon Ton Bakery and enjoy a Mille-feuille—two layers of vanilla custard cream and caramel fondant ensconced in French puff pastry.

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Things To Do

Okay, shoppers, a visit to Edmonton isn’t complete without a trip to its top attraction—the West Edmonton Mall. It’s the largest shopping centre in North American with 5.3 million square feet of space and more than 800 stores, 100 restaurants, and two hotels. It’s literally a destination for destinations, with family-friendly attractions (zoo, water park, rec room, ice rink, and even an exact replica of Christopher Columbus’ flagship, the Santa Maria.)

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