Nestled along the southern shore of Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown is a charming seaside city.

Charlottetown is the largest city on Prince Edward Island with a population of roughly 36,094 (2016 Census). The city is the provincial capital of Prince Edward Island. The city, acclaimed in Canada for its famous seafood and hospitality, is an ideal place to take a vacation.

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Charlottetown History

European settlement in the Maritimes occurred around 1720. Charlottetown's story wouldn't begin until 1768 when Charles Morris laid out a new town site across the harbour. Charlottetown of Prince Edward Island would be officially incorporated in 1855. In 1864, Charlottetown hosted a conference which led to the formation of the Confederation. Today, Charlottetown is most commemorated for being the "Birthplace of the Confederacy."

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Charlottetown Weather

The weather in Charlottetown is a bit milder than most of Canada due to the warm waters of the Gulf of the St. Lawrence River. Spring weather is fairly comfortable with an average temperature around 8°C. Summers are warm in Charlottetown; however, they are not humid. Some of the best weather in Charlottetown can be during the fall season with temperatures ranging from 8°C to 22°C. Winter is dry and frigid with an average temperature of -2°C.

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Cost of living in Charlottetown

According to Numbeo, the cost of living in the center of Charlottetown is about $730.00 for a single bedroom apartment. Charlottetown is vastly cheaper than most provincial capitals in Canada. The cost of living in Charlottetown is roughly 35 percent lower than the average of Canada.

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Real Estate

The housing prices increased in 2016 in Charlottetown. However, real estate analysts are predicting the market will level out in 2017. The median price of a two-story home was $247,908 last year. Charlottetown is a desirable place of residence for most Canadians due to the modern infrastructure.

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Queen Elizabeth Hospital, the only hospital in Charlottetown, is a 243-bed facility. Queen Elizabeth Hospital offers emergency, surgical, inpatient and ambulatory care services. There are four walk-in medical clinics in the Charlottetown area.

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There are several means to reach Charlottetown. You'll surely find a mode of transportation that is suitable for you. You can arrive by car, train, airplane, or cruise. For touring the city, Trius Transit provides routes in Charlottetown Monday through Saturday from 8 am to 4 pm. If you prefer a more scenic route, grab a bicycle and take a ride along the picturesque coastline.

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In Charlottetown alone, there are 11 public and 5 private schools. There are many schools close to Charlottetown due to Prince Edward Island being the smallest Canadian province. Charlottetown is abundant in post-secondary education. Holland College, located in the centre of Prince Edward Island, offers 65 full-time career training programs. The University of Prince Edward Island serves approximately 4,400 students and offers a wide variety of programs.

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Charlottetown, being at the center of Prince Edward Island, is an ideal place to stay for touring the island. The Great George, a Traveler's Choice 2017 winner, has romantic hideaway suites for a charming getaway. If you're one for a cozy stay, you won't go without sleep at the Elmwood Heritage Inn. The Fairholm National Historic Inn, an adored local favorite, is historic with a serene ambiance. If you prefer a more conventional stay, the Harbour House is fair priced and accommodating.

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For a taste of the farmer's market in Charlottetown, Leonhard's Cafe and Restaurant serves dishes made from scratch with local ingredients. If you're traveling with friends, swing by the Gahan House and enjoy one of their handcrafted ales. For a bit of fine dining, Claddagh Oyster House is well known for seafood and wine that will please your palate. Visit one of Charlottetown's most beautiful historic buildings: the Pilot House. It is perfect for casual dining.

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Things To Do

You'll discover that Charlottetown, being the provincial capital, offers a variety of things to do. Packed with small local shops, start your trip at Victoria Row. If you're fond of breweries, Upstreet Craft Brewing offers tours during the weekend. Street festivals are essential to the culture in Charlottetown. They take place all year long! If you'd like to get a picturesque view of the city, take a sunset cruise with Peakes Wharf.

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