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8 Important Questions to Ask Every Moving Company

1. How long have you been in business and are you affiliated with any professional associations?

Ask if the moving company has any affiliations with credible and well-known organizations such as the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM). CAM requires all members to be in business for at least two years prior to joining and must also meet a strict set of requirements and standards. Take a look at their rating on other credible sites such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB).


2. Do you own a warehouse with trucks and equipment?

Credible movers have their own warehouses, trucks and equipment necessary to properly service your move. Rogue movers do not have these essential tools increasing the likelihood of loss or damage to your belongings.


3. How do you estimate the cost of my move?

Long distance moves are priced based on weight and distance where as local moves are priced on an hourly basis. When possible, credible moving companies will arrange for a moving consultant to perform an in-home visual survey of the items you are moving. Each item will be recorded with an approximate weight and the moving consultant will assess whether any additional services are required to meet your unique needs. Arranging an in-home survey is one of the most effect options to deliver an accurate estimate. Without one, you will likely accumulate additional costs.


4. What kind of additional moving services do you offer and at what price?

Inquire about additional moving services offered by the company to help during your move. Some of the most common additional services include packing and unpacking, disassembly and reassembly of furniture, storage if your new home is not ready for occupancy and shuttle services when the large moving truck is unable to access your home and a smaller truck is required.


5. What kind of transit protection plans do you offer?

Sometimes, no matter how careful we try to be, accidental loss or damage may occur on your move. Carefully look over the valuation options and select a plan that covers all your needs in case of any accident. It is always recommended to take full value protection to give you peace of mind knowing your possessions are protected.


6. What would I do if something were to break or go missing and who is responsible?

Sometimes accidental loss or damage to your belongings may occur on your move. The extent of liability for damage will depend upon the type of coverage you select. Make sure to clarify these details with your mover and find out whom to contact in the organization in case a claim needs to be filed.


7. How do you pack delicate items?

Valuable, delicate and sentimental pieces require extra care when handling. A credible mover will arrange for specially designed containers, crating or protective packing material to ensure these items do not sustain any damage during your move.


8. When will my belongings arrive?

For long distance moves, the timing depends on many factors including the time of year, the distance between your homes and the size of your shipment. Your mover will give you a range of dates called a delivery window until they are able to narrow down the exact date usually available 24-48 hours before the arrival. Local deliveries will normally arrive on the same day.