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Moving in With a Roommate

The rise of Canadian real estate has been a hot topic this past year. With many Canadian’s unable to buy on their own, they’re led to invest with others for the additional support or rent if that’s not an option.


Today, the notion of living with a roommate has become very common not just for those in their early 20s but for adults and families as well. Sharing a space whether it’s with your friend, partner or a stranger can be challenging. We made a list of some important questions to address before moving in with a roommate.


What’s your day-to-day schedule like?


Get a better idea of who the person is and what type of routine they have. Their routine will tell you how often they are home and what they do professionally and recreationally.


Are you a night owl or an early bird?


Finding out what time a person generally goes to bed and wakes up will give you a lot of insight. If you have conflicting sleep patterns, be cautious of your noise level during these hours.


What is your favourite way to spend a Saturday night?


If you are a homebody who likes to spend most Saturday nights curled up with a cozy blanket and a good movie, searching for a low-key roommate would be a better fit.


Do you have pets?


There are additional factors to consider when adding pets into the mix. Depending on the size, type and personality of the pet, there might be responsibilities not just for the owner but for the roommate as well. Make sure allergies aren’t an issue!


What’s your biggest pet peeve?


When living in close proximities with someone, you will discover what makes them tick sooner or later. Be open, honest and realistic about your expectations.


Are you neat or messy?


When it comes to cleaning, pulling your weight is important when living with a roommate. Make a cleaning/chore schedule to prevent miscommunication and confrontations in the future.


Do you like to cook at home?


This is a great follow up question that will open the dialogue to groceries and whether you will be sharing anything such as condiments or kitchen appliances. It will also indicate how often there will be dishes at which point you can clarify cleaning responsibilities.


How do you prefer to communicate and resolve conflict?


Some people prefer to communicate face to face and others via text or email. Perhaps a combination of sending a quick text letting your roommate know what the issue is and then discussing in person later will lead to a more productive outcome.


How do you plan on making rent/bill payments?


This question is very straightforward and necessary to discuss. Ensure your assets are protected by confirming who is in charge of what, how the payments will be made and what will be done if a payment cannot be made by one party.


These questions will lead to some great discussions between you and your potential roommate. After all, there are certain things you should know about each other before deciding whether to live together. There’s nothing worse than realizing after the fact you aren’t the right fit.