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Moving Cost Calculator Canada

Are you retiring in a different province? Have you accepted a job in another city? Is your company planning a corporate relocation?


Whether you’re changing cities, changing provinces, or heading to another country, moving can be tricky in the best of times. Simply because we want to make your move easier, we’ve created a free moving cost estimator that will make your planning process simpler and easier than ever.


What to remember when moving across Canada


When you’ve got a long-distance move pencilled into your calendar, every minute wasted can result in major delays. To that end, here are some of our best timesaving tips for people who are heading to the other side of the country:

  1. Remember to Transfer Your Important Information

When you’re in a new city, finding a family doctor or a good school can be difficult enough as it is. But when you’ve forgotten to transfer school records, medical records, or dental records, the transition can become even bumpier than expected.


Some items, like your car insurance and your license plates, can be changed after you’ve arrived. But the sooner you can forward your information to the right places, the easier it becomes to settle in.

  1. Try to Pack Ligh

For most cross-country movers, packing up a house or an office is a multi-week affair as it stands. But when you get past the items you regularly use and start looking at all the stuff that’s been sitting in your closet and collecting dust, there’s a point where you really have to start thinking about whether or not it makes sense to take everything with you. 


Decluttering and taking the time to give unused items away can do a lot to reduce your workload on moving day.

  1. The More Research You Can Do, the Better

Few things are more disorienting than the first few days that you spend in a new neighbourhood. Everything from buying groceries to making your way around town simply takes more effort and time. 


One way that you can make the move less stressful is by taking a bit of time to pull up a map and get to know your destination. Where are the nearest clinics? What roads should you be taking to get to work? 


If you can get to town with a rough idea of where things are, it can make for an easier transition.

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On paper, the cheapest way to move across the country is to rent a truck, pack up your things, and do the loading and unloading yourself. 


But we’ll let you in on a little secret:


Because moving costs are often calculated by weight and distance, saving money on your cross-country relocation is easier than you think – even if you hire a professional moving crew. It all comes down to these three steps:


Step #1: Throw Away or Give Away Items That You Don’t Intend to Use


Remember what we said earlier about the importance of not packing more than necessary? It turns out that organizing your belongings and downsizing can save you money and time. If you’re packing with the goal of saving money, you’ll want to ramp things up by leaving behind as many items as you can. The less you need to transport, the lighter your truckload will literally get. 


Step #2: Hire a Professional Moving Company


If you’re like most Canadians, chances are that moving to the other side of the country isn’t something you do on a regular basis. When it comes to long-distance relocating, professional movers have seen it all. Whether you’ve got a few unusually large items to move or you’re just not sure how to handle the logistics of your move, the crew will know exactly what to do.


Looking for a long-distance moving estimate? Request a FREE quote from Atlas Van Lines. 


Step #3: Choose Your Transportation Method


Depending on the details of your move, you may have the option of transporting your property with either shipping containers or loading trucks. With the help of your Atlas Van Lines moving coordinator, you’ll be able to do price comparisons before choosing the cheapest option for your hassle-free moving experience.

When you’re relocating to another province, sometimes the new place just isn’t move-in ready. In situations where you might have to buy a new property or wait for possession, shipping containers offer both short-term storage and security for your belongings.


Here at Atlas Van Lines, we have tracking systems and shipment schedules in place for customers who choose to transport their property in shipping containers. 


Ready to plan your relocation? Estimate your expenses with our FREE moving cost calculator today!