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Moving your belongings from one location to another is a daunting and time-consuming task. Your to-do list can get longer by the minute, from decluttering your home, purchasing packing supplies to packing, and deconstructing your furniture. Therefore, if you are looking to streamline your moving day, the professional team at Atlas Canada is here to help from start to finish.


With over 50 years in the moving business, Atlas Canada has the knowledge, skills, and track record of success to help you with your moving needs. Let us take care of the details while you concentrate on safely getting to your new destination.

Moving Company Markham

Atlas Canada prides itself on offering a selection of comprehensive moving services, including:

pack and unpack
  • Household moving 
  • Cross border moving
  • International moving 
  • Corporate relocation 
  • Logistics
  • Moving container and storage

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Your moving cost will vary depending on several factors, including:


  • Packing and unpacking service add-ons
  • The cost of moving and packing supplies 
  • Whether you choose to add liability and protection insurance coverage for your move
  • Any additional add-ons
  • The distance between your current location and your desired location
  • The date you choose to move on
  • The total weight of all personal belongings once loaded into your moving truck.
  • Vehicle transport and container costs

Upon meeting with a professional representative of your chosen moving company in Markham, we will carefully survey all items you wish to take with you during your move to provide you with an estimate on moving costs. However, the final moving cost will not be calculated until the day of your move once all items have been loaded onto your moving truck and safely secured. Markham residents should also keep in mind that should the estimated weight and final weight of your items be different, Atlas Canada will not charge you above 10% as long as no new item is added to your shipment following your initial consultation. That way, you are not left with any unexpected charges on the day of your move.

The day you’ve anticipated for the last couple of months is your moving day. If this is your first time moving, you’re likely feeling nervous about the day and the process. However, there is no need to worry. Here is what you can expect on the day of your move with Atlas Canada


  1. Our movers will arrive early to begin loading our moving trucks with your belongings after we have laid carpets down to avoid damage on your floors.
  2. Once the moving truck(s) are packed safely and securely, our professionals will calculate the weight of your items and provide you with a final price for your move.
  3. You’ll then have one last opportunity to go through your property to ensure you don’t leave anything behind.
  4. Once we have confirmation from you, our movers will begin their journey to your new location.
  5. Our professional moving company in Markham will carefully unload all your boxes and furniture into their respective locations at your new destination throughout your space.
  6. If you have opted for our deconstructing and reconstructing add-on, our movers will assemble your furniture and place them in your home as per your instructions.
  7. Once all items and furniture pieces are secured, we will go over a final checklist to ensure your belongings have been delivered correctly before leaving you to enjoy your new destination.


To remain efficient and avoid injuries or damage to your property and items, here are some ways you can optimize your moving day with Atlas Canada. 

  • If you have children, ensure they are looked after at all times 
  • Leave the heavy lifting to our professional movers to avoid injuries. 
  • Stay hydrated and eat well throughout the day to keep your energy levels up.
  • Pack essential items, important documents, and anything else you may need for your car in case of emergencies


Moving expenses may vary depending on which moving company in Markham you choose. However, as a general rule of thumb, your final moving cost will depend on the following factors listed below:


  • The total weight of all personal belongings once loaded into your moving truck
  • Packing and unpacking service additions should you choose this feature
  • The cost of moving and packing supplies 
  • Whether you decide to add liability and protection insurance coverage for your move
  • The distance between your current location to your desired destination
  • The date you plan on moving
  • Vehicle transport and container costs
  • Any additional add-ons

Typically, Markham residents should provide their moving company with as much notice as possible. This is especially important between May and September, as they tend to be busier than others. With that being said, most moving companies will require a minimum of two weeks’ notice and a definite moving date. This will ensure that the moving company is able to prepare on their end for the services you hire them for.


However, in the event that you are unable to provide a minimum notice of two weeks, the best course of action is to call your moving company as soon as possible as they will be able to provide you with more information and assistance.

Whether you’re moving across the province, across the country, across the border, or internationally, the professional team at Atlas Canada is here to help make your move as smooth as possible. Our movers will safely transport your items by vehicle if you are moving locally. This option is also available for cross country and cross border moves.


However, if you are moving internationally, you have the option to ship your items via air or by ocean, depending on your preference. Whichever solution you choose, you can rest assured knowing your items are in good hands with Atlas Canada.