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Got a major move planned for the near future? Are you feeling a little overwhelmed by the packing, unpacking, and coordinating involved with moving to Burlington?


Relocating is a tough task even when you’re just moving across the street. But when you’ve got an entire business, household, or both going to another city, province, or country, the prospect of moving can quickly go from “difficult” to “insurmountable”. 


We get it.


That’s why here at Atlas Van Lines, we’ve gone out of our way to offer a comprehensive list of long-distance moving services. Whether you’re moving to or out of Burlington, we’ve got what you need. Here’s a list of our main service offerings for long-distance movers:

  1. Household Moving

From the bedroom to the living room, it’s amazing how knick-knacks and personal items can accumulate over time. As a company, we provide a household moving service that’s been designed to make your relocation easier. 


More specifically, we provide:


  • Moving crews who can help you pack, load up, and unpack
  • Trucks and transportation
  • Temporary storage
  • And more!


Moving to Burlington? It doesn’t matter if you’re retiring or accepting a job offer. Contact Atlas Van Lines for your long-distance household moving needs today!

  1. Corporate Relocation

Whether you’re relocating your corporate headquarters or starting a new satellite office, moving an entire business isn’t easy by any means. Depending on your industry, you might have company servers, industrial equipment, and staff members that have to be moved. 


Our experienced crew members will be able to:


  • Help with packing, unpacking, and setup
  • Transport your items quickly, safely, and efficiently
  • Keep track of your packages and belongings so that we know where your belongings are at all times
  • Offer temporary storage solutions 


If you’ve got a major corporate move on the horizon, we can do the heavy lifting so that you can focus on getting your operation running as quickly and smoothly as possible. Contact Atlas Van Lines to speak with an advisor about your long-distance corporate relocation.

  1. Logistics

Sometimes when you’re moving your business or your household across a long distance, the details of your relocation can require next-level expertise.


How will you get your one-of-a-kind manufacturing equipment across the border? Does your priceless art collection need to be shipped out ahead of your exclusive wine collection?


Here at Atlas Van Lines, we understand that there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all moving solution. That’s why we’re proud to offer the service of our logistics division to clients who need more hands-on assistance with planning their moves.

  1. Cross-Border Moving

There’s moving to another town or city within your province. And then there’s going from British Columbia to Alberta. Or from Saskatchewan to Quebec. 


When you’re relocating to a new province, you could easily find yourself dealing with new registration requirements, new administrative departments, and maybe even a different language. For this reason, we understand that cross-border movers will often have different needs than someone who’s planning a shorter relocation.


Are you planning to relocate to another province? Contact Atlas Van Lines to discuss your situation ASAP.

  1. Moving Containers

When most people think of the words “long-distance move”, many of them start picturing the classic moving truck. And while our moving crews can and definitely will be able to do exactly that, we also offer transportation through moving containers.


Some of the advantages that our containers offer include:

  • The sturdiness of moving containers
  • The ability to keep your belongings in one location
  • Ease of storage if there’s a gap between your move-out date and your possession date 


Get in touch with us to find out more about our moving container service today!

  1. International Moving

Moving to another province can be tricky enough on its own. But if you’re relocating to the United States, for example, you could find yourself dealing with more hurdles as you map out your move.


Do you, your household, and your staff members have the correct visas? Do you have a plan for keeping your belongings safe if you need to store your belongings somewhere?


Here at Atlas Van Lines, we offer long-distance moving services both within Canada and outside of Canada. We have the infrastructure, resources, and experience needed to quickly and safely transport your property.


Looking for help with your long-distance move to or out of Burlington? Get in touch with us today!

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Any time you’re moving to a new place, there’s always an adjustment period. Here are some facts about Burlington that every future resident should know:


1. There Are Plenty of Jobs


As a city, Burlington has the dual distinction of being both close to Hamilton and situated within the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. What this means is that those who want to commute for work purposes will have every opportunity to do so.


However, even within the city limits, Burlington has a strong local economy going for it as well. With a private sector that includes packaging, pharmaceuticals, and electronics alongside a thriving public sector, Burlington’s economy offers plenty of opportunities for professional growth. 


2. Festivals Galore


If live music and events are your thing, you’ll love Burlington’s summer festival scene. There are often art displays, food trucks, and musicians. And then there are popular tourist attractions like Ribfest, which is known for being Canada’s largest rib-related festival, and the Burlington Sound of Music Festival.


Once you get settled into Burlington, you’ll have no shortage of fun events to take part in and enjoy.


3. The Education System is Fantastic


Between the Roman Catholic schools and the public schools, Burlington is home to over 40 elementary schools and nine high schools. For those who are looking to pursue post-secondary schooling, city residents can always take some classes at the McMaster University DeGroote School of Business or the Oxford College of Arts, Business, and Technology.


If you or your loved ones are looking at your long-term educational prospects, Burlington is a place where you have options.


4. Transportation and Infrastructure 


The City of Burlington has access to multiple emergency services as well as a robust public transportation system. Between the Burlington Fire Department, the Halton Region Paramedic Services, and the Halton Regional Police Service, Burlington residents are well taken care of in the event of an emergency.


In addition, because Burlington is home to both railway tracks and several GO stations, local commuters should have no problems navigating the city throughout the day. 


5. Burlington is a Nature Lover’s Dream 


Home to 580.78 hectares of dedicated parks, Burlington is also close to both the Niagara Escarpment and the Bruce Trail. Out of the city’s many parks, the tourist-attracting Spencer Smith Park is known for its Lake Ontario waterfront, skating, and summer festivals. Whether you want to see the Royal Botanical Gardens lilacs, explore the trails, or enjoy a magnetic hill, Burlington has something to offer everyone.


Are you ready to start planning your long-distance move to or out of Burlington? Give us a call! We’ll connect you to a nearby moving consultant ASAP.

The answer to this primarily depends on where you’re moving from. If you’re moving to Burlington from BC, for example, relocating could cost a hefty four figures. And if you require additional services like packing and unpacking assistance, moving containers, or temporary storage, your final bill could be even higher. 


On the other hand, if you’re relocating from Toronto or Hamilton, you likely won’t have to pay as much as you would for a cross-country move.


Need a long-distance moving estimate? Get in touch with us today!

Here at Atlas Van Lines, our list of moving services includes packing, unpacking, logistics management, and cross-border moving support.


Did you need a more precise long-distance moving estimate? Contact us! We’ll connect you with your closest moving consultant now!

Whether you’re planning a household move or a corporate relocation, we understand that there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all moving solution. But even so, Atlas Van Lines has the resources, processes, and expertise needed to make your long-distance move as easy and painless as possible.

Are you ready to make a long-distance move to Burlington? We’re here to help! Request your FREE moving estimate today.

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