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Movers in London

Experience a stress-free moving experience with the professional team at Atlas Canada. We have over 50 years of experience helping Canadians move from one destination to the next and will ensure your items get there safely! 


Movers London

Atlas Canada prides itself on offering a selection of comprehensive moving services, including:

pack and unpack
  • Household moving 
  • Cross border moving
  • International moving 
  • Corporate relocation 
  • Logistics
  • Moving container and storage

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Homeowners should pack all non-essential items first. This includes dishes, books, old clothing, décor, photos, and any other items you do not use regularly. 

Picking a moving company you can rely on is key to ensuring your moving experience runs smoothly. Here is what you should look for when partnering with any company: 


  • They do not require you to pay for a moving estimate
  • They have been in business for years
  • The company has an active and valid moving license
  • The company has a track record of success, with good reviews from other customers
  • Can provide you with a breakdown of how your move will work
  • They accept all forms of payments
  • The company offers moving insurance for your items

The number of movers you need for your move will vary based on the size of your home and the number of items you want to bring to your new location. Therefore, before an approximate number of movers can be provided, we suggest booking a free estimate with Atlas Canada today for more information. 

Moving from one destination to the next can be challenging. However, with the help of a professional moving company like Atlas Canada, homeowners can rest assured knowing their items are in good hands. When homeowners partner with a moving company, a professional mover will come to their home and provide them with a free estimate. Generally, homeowners will need to provide an inventory list of all the items they want to transport. Furthermore, your moving company may also charge you based on:


  • The type of transportation you require 
  • The weight of your items 
  • Whether you opt for moving insurance 
  • Whether you purchase packing and unpacking services 


However, depending on the company you choose to partner with, you may be changed based on the total distance of your home.

Preparing for your long-distance move in advance of your moving date is essential to ensuring that your experience is as stress-free and efficient as possible. As so many tasks are needed to complete, here is a list of things you should seek to complete before your scheduled moving date so you can stay organized throughout the process.


  1. Plan a calendar with all of the tasks you need to complete. Aim to do at least one task daily, depending on how much time it will take. 
  2. Schedule an official moving date with professional movers in London, Ontario, at least a couple of weeks in advance. This will help the moving company prepare on their end and ensure that they can accommodate your date, especially in the busy months between May and September each year. 
  3. Declutter your home of furniture, belongings, and other personal items you no longer need and won’t be taking to your next location. These items can include old clothing, unneeded documents, older furniture pieces, and anything else that may be worth donating or selling. That way, you will not need to pack as many items in boxes for your move. 
  4. Purchase your moving boxes and supplies in advance of your moving date. 
  5. Craft a detailed inventory list of all your items for your professional moving company to ensure your moving estimate is as accurate as possible. 
  6. Pack all your non-essential items first. 
  7. Consider purchasing insurance for your belongings during your move. 
  8. Pack light boxes to ensure movers can easily load and unload your items while preventing injuries. 
  9. Label your boxes according to the rooms they belong in. You will also need to label whether there are any breakables in the boxes. 
  10. Deconstruct larger pieces of furniture before the day of your scheduled move. 
  11. Pack an essentials bag for the day of your move that you can take in your personal car. 


Leave the rest of the details to Atlas Canada!