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Seamless Move From Ontario to Nova Scotia

How much does a long-distance move cost in Canada?

The cost of a long-distance move in Canada varies, depending on the distance, weight, services provided, and additional fees. Your moving expenses typically can range from $2,000 to $5,000. Most moving services dedicate several movers to help you package, transport, and unload your belongings from the point of origin to the destination. The movers may have packing materials, and you may have larger items that require special handling.

Moving fees for a larger home are usually more expensive than helping you move out of an apartment. This is due to the amount of time required for the movers to pack and unload your belongings. The more time and effort the movers spend helping you, the more expensive your long-distance move is.

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How do I move long-distance in Canada?

Once you’ve secured housing in your new destination, all that’s left is to pack up your belongings and transport them to your new home. Long-distance movers provide a range of services to make your move easier. They coordinate logistics, help with packing, and can place your furniture exactly where you want it in your new place.

Some movers provide storage for larger items you don’t want to take with you or to store your belongings if you need to move out of your old place and your new house isn’t ready yet. They may also provide boxes, pallets, and other packing materials to ensure your items are safe during the moving process.


When you’re ready to go, the movers will drive the truck full of your belongings to wherever you need them to go. The further the drive, the more expensive your move will be. Once we get to your new place, your movers work diligently to unload all the items and place them where you want them.

How much does it cost to ship furniture across Canada?

It depends on whether you’re shipping your furniture by land or air freight. Ground freight is generally cheaper than air freight, with some exceptions. Carriers and freight brokers can provide a more accurate estimate of the cost. Longer moves across Canada will cost less than local moves. If you have a lot of furniture, your total cost may also increase.

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