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Long Distance Moving Companies Quebec

Professional Movers


Are you relocating your company or establishing a satellite office? Have you just accepted your dream offer in Quebec? 


You could benefit from retaining the services of a professional mover. By way of an example, here are just a few of the reasons why our clients love working with us:

  1. We Can Help in Any Way You Need

Have you got a big house to pack? Is the thought of putting together desks and bunk beds after a long move already making you tired?


We can help!


Our moving crews can assist with packing, unpacking, and furniture assembly. In addition, if you’ve got valuables and important property being transported, our logistics and cross-border moving support can handle the planning.


Whether you need lots of help during your long-distance move or just a truck and some well-trained crew members, we’ve got the knowledge and resources needed for a stress-free relocation.

  1. We’re Experienced

Long-distance moves aren’t for the faint of heart. You have to pack. You have to plan. And to make matters even more complicated, there are always at least one or two items in every move that are way more difficult to transport than everything else.


When you work with Atlas Van Lines, or any other professional mover, packing up that antique piano or that incredibly hefty set of company servers is as easy as snapping your fingers. This, in turn, can free you up to focus on the gazillion other things that need to be done before moving day.


Our crews, coordinators, and consultants will know exactly what’s needed to help you relocate as efficiently as possible.

  1. Protecting Your Property is Our Number One Priority

Keeping track of your property can be difficult when you’re moving across the street. But when you’re heading to Quebec from another province, the extra distance alone means that there’s more opportunity for items to be lost or misplaced.


From our temperature-controlled warehouses to our trucks and our moving protocols, we offer a full range of long-distance moving services that are designed to transport your property safely. When you work with a reputable moving company like Atlas Van Lines, you can be confident of the fact that your belongings are in professional hands.


Are you ready to hire a professional mover for your long-distance move to Quebec? Atlas Van Lines is ready and willing to help! Contact us to request your moving estimate today!

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In broad terms, Quebec-based moving companies are primarily regulated by two entities:


  1. The Province of Quebec; and 
  2. The Government of Canada


The federal government is mostly relevant if the moving company you’re working with is a federally registered corporation. So for most intents and purposes, the province is the primary regulator in a few areas that include:


  • The Conditions of Carriage: In most provinces, there are regulations around how goods are supposed to be transferred. Quebec is no exception to the rule. And because moving companies are literally in the business of transporting goods and products, many transactions with your moving company will be designed with Quebec’s regulations in mind.


  • Warehousing Regulations: Sometimes when you’re moving to another province, there could be a gap between your move-out date at the old place and your possession date at the new one. As such, it’s not unusual for long-distance movers to require temporary storage until the details surrounding their final location are sorted out. Quebec has rules and regulations around warehousing that your moving company and its warehousing partners will need to adhere to.


  • Corporation Registration: Some movers operate on a national level while others restrict their service area to a particular province. If the moving company you’re looking at is based within the province of Quebec, their registration and history will be governed by the province. In which case, you may even be able to find out if the company has been disciplined by regulators or if other customers have made formal complaints against it.


  • Heavy Vehicles: By most definitions, the moving trucks that are utilized by most professional moving services are considered “heavy vehicles”. Like most provinces, Quebec also has rules around the use of heavy trucks. To operate legally in Quebec, your moving company will have to make sure that its vehicles are within regulation.


If you’re moving to Quebec, it pays to work with a moving company that’s familiar with the province’s regulatory regime. Are you ready for a quick, easy, and stress-free relocation? Contact us to get your moving estimate today!

This question is hard to answer because there are so many variables involved. As a result, factors like:


  • How far you’re travelling;
  • The weight of your belongings; and
  • The services you require


… Can all add or subtract from your final bill. That being said, most moves will cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. 


If you’d like more precise numbers, feel free to contact us. Request your FREE moving estimate today!


For households that have multiple family members or businesses with tons of able-bodied staff members, you may be wondering if a long-distance moving company is worth the hassle. After all, you have to gather quotes, speak to people, and sign off on the expenditures. As such, you may feel like it’s worth your while to keep things in-house. 


Here are some of the reasons why we find that moving companies like us are often worth our weight in gold:


1. We Help With Packing, Unpacking, and Assembly


You know what’s worse than having to pack and unpack an entire office building or household by yourself? Being tasked with the job of putting those desks, bunk beds, and kitchen tables back together. 


One of the perks of working with a professional moving company is that the assistance they offer isn’t just driving the truck. Movers like us make it possible for you to skip the usual multi-week process of packing, unpacking, and furniture assembly and head straight to the unpacking your suitcase and organizing your clothes phase. 


2. We Offer Planning and Logistics Help


As a company, we understand that not all belongings are created equal. Imagine if your family’s prized china collection were to be damaged during the trip. Or if your one-of-a-kind art exhibit were to get lost in transit. The thought is enough to make your heart stop for a moment, right?


Our logistics division is experienced at helping corporate and individual movers get their important valuables transported safely. Whether you’ve got expensive company equipment or valuable antiques that must be handled with care, we’ve got your back.


3. We Make Transportation Easy


There’s driving in town for your daily commute. And then there’s driving a moving truck on the freeway or transporting a moving container from another province. 


If you’ve got loved ones or staff members who have to be relocated as well, the work of coordinating both the moving vehicles and the transportation methods for everyone else can be tricky. With the help of an experienced and professional moving crew, relocating doesn’t have to be complicated.


4. Save Time 


Here’s the thing about making a long-distance move to Quebec:


Everything, from packing up the first box to planning your cross-border move, can be tedious. And when you’re not used to relocating across such long distances, even simple tasks can feel like hurdles. 


Here at Atlas Van Lines, we’re all about helping our customers move quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re using moving containers, warehousing, or trucks, we’ve got what it takes to make your long-distance relocation go by faster than you think.


Ready to start planning your move to Quebec? Request your FREE moving estimate today!

Let’s say that you’ve decided to work with a moving company and now you’re torn between two or three options. Can you tell the difference between a well-established company and an amateur?


These days, anyone can create a nice website with some attractive marketing materials to match. But in our experience, here are some of the key ways that the pros are often able to separate themselves from the amateurs:


1. Insurance


When you’re planning a long-distance move to Quebec, there’s a lot that can go wrong between your moving day and your possession date. Maybe your valuables are packed incorrectly and get damaged in transit. Or perhaps that bronze statue leaves marks on the floor and takes out a few windows while getting loaded. And that’s before you start thinking about the possibility that someone might get hurt while leaving your property.


A well-established professional moving company will have all the insurance policies you could possibly need. But an amateur mover, even if they have some insurance, might not have enough to cover the value of the damaged items or the damage done to your property. If you’re ever caught in a worst-case scenario and there’s property damage and/or bodily injuries that have been suffered, you’ll be glad that you chose to work with a fully insured moving company. 


2. Billing Practices


Here at Atlas Van Lines, we firmly believe that payment should be made upon delivery. Why? Because you shouldn’t have to pay for a relocation until after your property is back under your control. 


Many amateur movers don’t have the money or the experience to operate this way, however. And as a result, you may see those types of companies asking to be paid upfront, or worse, asking for cash. Although this type of financial arrangement may be okay if you’re moving a relatively short distance, it could be a sign that the moving company you’re looking at isn’t quite ready to make your long-distance Quebec move work.


3. Registration 


To legally operate as a full-fledged company, businesses have to be either provincially or federally registered. As an individual or a decision-maker at a corporation that’s planning a long-distance move, the last thing you want is to learn that the company you hired is unable to transport your belongings for you legally. Depending on where you live, you may be able to use database searches to find out if the moving company you’re looking at is registered as a corporation.


4. Capabilities


At the end of the day, moving an apartment across town is a completely different prospect than moving to another province. And if you’ve got expensive art, a priceless wine collection, or a bunch of important company equipment being transported, you may very well need to make more intricate transportation arrangements.


Here at Atlas Van Lines, and at moving companies with similar capabilities, we have the resources needed to make your long-distance relocation go by smoothly. Between our logistics division, our moving containers, and our multiple trucks and crews, we’re well-equipped to handle any job. An amateur moving company may not be able to say the same simply due to a lack of capacity.


Are you ready to start planning your long-distance move to Quebec? We can help! Request your FREE moving estimate today!