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Montreal Long Distance Moving

Whether you’ve purchased a new house in another province or you’re relocating your corporate headquarters, there’s one thing that everyone planning a long distance move can agree on:


It takes a lot of effort to move in a timely fashion.


You need to pack. You have to find the right trucks. And if you’ve got important items that are difficult to lift and load, it’s also important to have movers that you can trust. Here at Atlas Van Lines Canada, we pride ourselves on being a long distance moving company that you can count on to help you relocate safely and efficiently.

The first step is choosing Atlas Canada.

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Long Distance Moving Company Montreal


Are you looking for help with your long distance move?
Here’s what moving with Atlas Van Lines Canada looks like:

Stage #1: Before the Move


For our customers, the long distance moving process begins with your moving consultation. We’ll send a consultant to your property who will assess your moving needs, map out the logistics and the timelines, and then give you a pricing estimate. If you have any specific concerns, you’ll be able to hash things out with your consultant during this initial meeting.


Stage #2: During the Move


You’ve packed, you’ve coordinated, and now the day has finally come. 


Here’s what you can expect:


Our professional van operators will arrive at the agreed-upon time. They’ll ensure that your building isn’t left with scuff marks and scratches during the move and they’ll also wrap any light-coloured, or white, furniture in plastic to prevent discoloration. 


Then, after everything’s been loaded into the truck, our team will begin transporting your items to your destination city. Our drivers are comfortable handling large trucks on the highway and in residential areas. This allows us to transport your belongings as quickly and efficiently as possible. 


Stage #3: After You Reach Your Destination


Our team will unpack any belongings that they’ve packed. And they’ll also place your items where you need them so that you’re not stuck trying to carry a heavy couch or a bunch of computer servers up the stairs on your own. 


Whether you’ve got desks, mattresses, or china cabinets that need to be moved, the crew will set the items up where you want them. And then, after the unloading is done, we’ll also take any cardboard, debris, and unpacking materials that we’ve used before we leave you to settle in.

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Long Distance Moving Company Montreal to Vancouver


Are you planning to relocate to Vancouver?

Here are some of the advantages of working with Atlas Van Lines Canada:




When you’re relying on staff, friends, or other members of your household to help you move your belongings, it takes time to figure out how to load the truck or pack up those heavy dresser drawers. 


Our moving crews have seen it all when it comes to helping Montreal-based companies and/or residents with their long distance moves. We can have your truck loaded in record time.


Friends and family can have scheduling conflicts and staff members can be sick or too caught up in their own moving arrangements to arrive on time. When you hire Atlas Van Lines Canada, we’ll arrive at your property when we said we would. You can count on us to be there and ready to get you to the next phase of your long distance move.


From computer servers to desks, mattresses, and couches, there are always a few items that are difficult to carry outside and load into the trucks. Our experienced crews have dealt with elevators and winding staircases many times during the years we’ve been in business. You can contact us to get the ball rolling.

Cost Long Distance Moving Montreal Toronto


Any time you’re planning to move to another province, costs are going to be a concern.

We Get it

As a part of the Atlas Van Lines Canada experience, our moving consultant will give you a price estimate based on the weight of the loaded truck. 


Because we want you to have certainty around the price of your move, however, we created a guarantee where a bill won’t come to more than 10 percent of your price estimate.


This one can be a bit subjective. After all, one person’s definition of “long distance” can be a move to the other side of the city while another’s idea of “long distance” might not start until the U.S. border.


But for us, we define long distance as a move that can’t be completed in one day because of distance. And if that doesn’t quite describe the circumstances of your move, we also offer local moving services.

The answer to this question depends on how much you need to move. A few boxes and desks may not require a lot of movers while multiple pianos likely would. Your moving consultant will be able to work with you to determine what you need in terms of crew and personnel.

Our team is ready and able to help you move long distance as safely and efficiently as possible. Even so, however, some of the items that we don’t recommend moving long distance with include:


  • Perishable items
  • Foods that need to be refrigerated
  • Pesticides, weed killers, fertilizers, etc. 


These are all easily replaceable items that are unlikely to survive a long distance move.