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Are you moving to a new town or city? Have you been put in charge of planning a major corporate relocation?


Whether you’re going to a new province or a new country, it pays to have a professional moving company like Atlas Van Lines in your corner. Here are just a few of the reasons why we have become a preferred long-distance mover for Mississauga residents and businesses alike:

  1. We’re Reliable

When you’re planning a long-distance move, every minute counts. For individual families, delays could prevent you from being able to make an offer on your dream home. And for businesses, not being able to relocate on time could have a cascading effect on your other corporate projects and internal deadlines.


Our team of experienced professional movers is always punctual and always ready to work. With us, you don’t have to deal with the stress of wondering whether your friends and family will show up on time. We’ll be there at the agreed-upon time and we’ll be ready to start loading your things from the word “Go”.

  1. We Know What We’re Doing

In every long-distance relocation, there’s always a major item or two that’s a little harder to move than the others. Maybe for you, it’s the heavy basement sofa that you have to go down a narrow staircase to retrieve. Or maybe you have a bunch of delicate company equipment that needs to be handled with care. Either way, it’s safe to say that we’ve seen it all.


You wouldn’t expect a new hire at work to be completing tasks with the ease and proficiency of a 10-year veteran in the field. And it’s a similar deal with your moving team. From our moving coordinators to our drivers and crew members, the expertise that we bring to the table makes it possible for us to have your things packed and loaded in less time than you may expect.


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From visa requirements to moving recommendations and transportation planning for specialty items and industrial-level equipment, our team has the knowledge required to get you packed and loaded in record time.

  1. We Can Handle Heavy Lifting and Logistics Planning

Working out the details of a long-distance move can be draining and time-consuming. You’ve got to figure out your best method of transportation, you need to iron out possession dates and logistics, and then there’s the actual packing.


Here at Atlas Van Lines, we understand that you’ve got a lot on your plate as it is. That’s why we have a logistics division that can take a more hands-on role in the planning and coordination of your move. From equipment transportation to temporary storage, we’ve got all the tools and resources needed to ensure that your long-distance move is as easy and stress-free as possible.

  1. We Provide Cross-Border and International Support

As a company, it’s important to us that we’re able to take your property all the way to your next location. Unlike other moving companies that may have more distance-based restrictions, Atlas Van Lines is international and our service area extends to the whole country.


If a runner participates in a track and field event only to turn around right before the finish line, you wouldn’t consider the race complete. And for these reasons, we’ve made it a priority to provide comprehensive cross-border and international moving assistance.


From visa requirements to linguistic assistance, we are fully equipped to go the full distance in helping you move. Request your FREE moving estimate today!

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A simple way to look at long-distance moving is as a non-local move that could see you relocating to another city, province, or country.


Unlike a move across the street or to another part of Mississauga, long-distance moving will often require more planning and logistics work. Whether your move is going to have you changing license plates or dealing with passport requirements, we can help! Contact Atlas Van Lines for your FREE moving estimate today.

If you’re planning a long-distance move, the quote you’re likely looking for is what’s known as a moving estimate quote.


As straightforward as this might sound, however, not all moving company quotes are created equal. There are some who may deliberately understate their fees and then there are others whose rates are cheap for a reason.


At Atlas Van Lines, we’re a long-distance moving company that has been known to help people like you move quickly and efficiently for a reasonable price. In addition, our list of extensive services is just one of the reasons why you can’t go wrong turning to us for your insurance needs.


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This one is tricky to answer because everyone has a different definition of what they would describe as a long-distance move. Some people will describe 644 kilometres (400 miles) as the starting distance of a proper long-distance move while others would argue that anything over 80 kilometres (50 miles) counts. 


For our purposes as a company, we find that the relocations in the 80-kilometre to 161-kilometre (50-mile to 100-mile) range will typically qualify as a long-distance move.


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