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Ottawa Long Distance Moving

Are you in the middle of a corporate relocation? Have you bought a house or landed a job in another province? 


Here at Atlas Van Lines Canada, we specialize in helping Ottawa businesses and individuals move across long distances. You can count on us to assist with your move.

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Looking for Moving Companies? Long Distance Moving Companies in Ottawa

Here are some of the key benefits of working with Atlas Van Lines Canada:


At the end of the day, friends and family can get sick or otherwise be unable to help you pack. When you hire a professional long distance moving company like ours, however, you don’t have to worry about needing to follow up. Our team will be there on time.


In most jobs, you wouldn’t expect a recent grad to produce like a seasoned professional. The same concept applies to planning a long distance move. Our teams, from the moving consultant to the crew members and van operators, spend several hours a day helping Ottawa-based companies and residents move. Our staff will have the know-how and the experience needed to make your relocation as efficient as possible.


Whether you’re trying to pack up your corner office or you’re moving an antique couch up a flight of stairs, our movers have seen it all when it comes to helping people relocate. From packing to unloading and unpacking, your Atlas Van Lines Canada moving crew will handle your belongings with care at every turn.

The first step is choosing Atlas Canada.

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Ottawa Long Distance Moving

So you’ve looked at different long distance moving companies in Ottawa and you’ve chosen to work with Atlas Van Lines Canada. Here’s a general overview of what planning your move with us looks like:

Stage #1: Before Your Move


The first step is a meeting with your moving consultant. During this conversation, you’ll be able to talk about timelines, logistics, and packing inventory. In addition, you’ll also get a pricing estimate. If you’ve got furniture or items with unique packing needs, you’ll be able to bring it up here.


Stage #2: During Your Move


The packing is done and the big day has arrived. What happens next? 


Our professional van operators will arrive with the truck and several experienced crew members to pack up your belongings. You can expect our team to be punctual and to be taking every precaution to protect your floors and your items. All of our van operators are experienced pros who are as comfortable driving large vehicles in residential areas as they are on the highway. 


From there, our team will safely transport your belongings to your destination city.


Stage #3: After You Move


After we’ve reached your destination, we’ll help you unpack. If you have any major items like couches, tables, desks, or heavy kitchen cabinets, we can set them up where you want them for your convenience. Once everything is placed to your liking, we’ll take any cardboard, debris, and unpacking materials for the items we’ve packed before leaving you to settle in.


That depends on your answers to questions like:


  • How many items are you moving? 
  • Where are you moving to? 
  • Do you need storage?


You’ll be able to get a more precise cost estimate from your Atlas Van Lines Canada moving consultant.

If your goal is to save money while moving over a long distance, you have a few options at your disposal. You can use storage containers to ship your belongings to your destination or you can rent a truck and drive it yourself. 


But as you weigh your options, it’s important to remember that the cheapest option may not be right for your relocation. When you work with a long distance moving company like Atlas Van Lines Canada, you get the benefit of getting end-to-end moving management.

Exact dates may be affected by possession dates and arrangements made with landlords and lenders in your destination city. In addition, moving from Ottawa to Toronto is very different from moving to Vancouver or the United States.