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Long Distance Moving Companies Halifax

Do you have a long-distance move planned for your near future? Are you overseeing a corporate relocation that’ll take your office or your headquarters to another province or city?


Whether you’re moving to BC or the United States, working with a professional long-distance mover can simplify your relocation in more ways than one. Here are just a few of the moving services we offer to our customers at Atlas Van Lines:

  1. Storage Containers and Moving Trucks

Deciding how you’re going to move is almost as important as figuring out where you’re moving to.


Has the new place been bought up or are there delays between your move-out date and your possession date? Is the idea of having all of your stuff kept in a single and secure location particularly appealing to you?


Moving storage containers could be the transportation method you didn’t know you needed. However, we also have trained crews, professional drivers, and moving trucks that will be able to help you relocate just as well.


If you want a stress-free long-distance relocation, you can’t go wrong working with Atlas Van Lines. We’re one of the most trusted long-distance moving companies in Halifax. Request your FREE moving estimate today!


Our teams of experienced movers can assist with packing, loading, unpacking, and assembling items. From work desks to computer servers and industrial equipment, we can handle it all.

  1. Logistics and Planning

When you’ve got internal and external deadlines, tons of items to move, and little to no time to do it all in, the higher-level advice of a professional moving company can do a lot to keep the ball rolling on your long-distance relocation. 


As business professionals ourselves, we understand the importance of working with experts. And simply because long-distance relocations can have so many moving parts, we are proud to offer more hands-on moving assistance through our logistics division.


From visa requirements to moving recommendations and transportation planning for specialty items and industrial-level equipment, our team has the knowledge required to get you packed and loaded in record time.

  1. Packing, Unpacking, and Assembly

For many Canadians, the words “Long-distance move” conjure up images of boxes, masking tape, and endless piles of packing peanuts. It doesn’t matter if you’re a corporation that just doesn’t want to force staff members to pack or a residential mover who could use some extra hands, we’re proud to offer packing, unpacking, and assembly services to our moving clients.


Our crew members will disassemble items and help you pack. And then when we’ve arrived at your moving destination, we’ll unpack your items and even put them together for you. This way, you won’t have to waste time putting together desks, bunk beds, and tables by yourself.

  1. Cross-Border and International Moving Support

Moving to another city can be difficult enough as it is. But when you’re looking at going from Halifax to Alberta, BC, or the United States, the potential for complications with your move can only go up. 


From visa requirements to linguistic help, shipping, and temporary storage, we have a full list of service offerings that are designed with the needs of cross-border and international movers in mind. With over 55 years of moving assistance behind us, our team has the expertise you’re looking for and our company has the resources needed to safely transport your property across long distances.


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If you’re thinking about hiring long-distance movers, you’ll need to request a quote or a moving estimate. And while there’s nothing wrong with shopping around, you’ll want to read the fine print. 


Could prices change dramatically once your relocation is complete? Does the company you’re looking at have the resources and equipment required to keep your property safe?


From our trained crew members to our friendly and professional moving coordinators, we can make your long-distance move as easy as 1-2-3. Request your FREE moving estimate today.

Yes, we are! We have many moving agents that are based in and around Nova Scotia. The benefit you get with this structure is two-fold:


On the one hand, because you’ll be working with our local agents and your nearby moving coordinator, you get the benefit of partnering with someone who’s familiar with Halifax. But because we’re spread out all over Canada, we also have the resources needed to handle big and small long-distance moves.


Prices may vary depending on details like the weight of the items you’re moving or your use of our additional services. But for a cross-country move, you should expect to pay around four figures. Contact us to get a more precise estimate.


Looking for a moving company in Nova Scotia? We’ve got you covered! Request your FREE moving estimate today!