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Long Distance Movers Hamilton

Planning a long-distance move is a time-consuming task that can be daunting to many movers, especially if you have never moved previously. However, with the professional help of Atlas Canada, homeowners can get to their new destination without having to worry about the details.


With over 50 years of experience helping Canadians move across the country and globe, our team of professional long-distance movers in Hamilton is well-prepared to help you get to where you need to go stress-free.

Long Distance Movers Hamilton

Atlas Canada prides itself on offering a selection of comprehensive moving services, including:

pack and unpack
  • Household moving 
  • Cross border moving
  • International moving 
  • Corporate relocation 
  • Logistics
  • Moving container and storage

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Choosing the correct long-distance moving company to help you safely transport your belongings to your new location is a significant decision for homeowners. Therefore, to ensure you partner with a reliable moving company in your area, homeowners should make sure that:


  • The company has an active and valid moving license
  • They do not require you to pay for a moving estimate
  • The company has a track record of success with good reviews from other customers
  • They have been in business for years
  • Can provide you with a breakdown of how your move will work
  • The company offers moving insurance for your items
  • They accept all forms of payments

Moving across the province, the country, or internationally is considered a long-distance move. However, some companies may have kilometer requirements that they should inform you of.

Moving a long distance is a complicated task. Therefore, to prevent injuries and damage to your home, here are some things that you should not do in your long move:

  • Leave your packing until the last minute
  • Attempt to move heavy boxes and furniture pieces by yourself
  • Do not pack fertilizers, gasoline, motor oil, car batteries, propane, bleach, lighter fluid, fireworks, and other chemicals
  • Avoid bringing old furniture, clothing, and other bulky items you will not use in your new home
  • Keep children away from the moving process the day of your long-distance move to avoid potential injuries and disruptions

Most long-distance moving companies will charge you based on the total weight of all your items once they have been packed for transportation. Therefore, homeowners should consider decluttering their homes before packing for their move to avoid additional costs. Items to consider donating, selling, or disposing of include:


  • Old clothing 
  • Old appliances you don’t plan on using in your new home
  • Old papers and documents that are no longer of use to you 
  • Furniture pieces you won’t use in your new home
  • Expired food items and condiments
  • Old bathroom items 
  • Frozen or refrigerated foods
  • Bulky items that take up a lot of space, such as DVDs, old computers, and other electronics

To help prepare for your move, here is a checklist you can use to make sure you don’t feel overwhelmed leading up to your scheduled moving date:


  1. Call and book a moving company.
  2. Strategize your packing by boxing all non-essential items first.
  3. Get rid of old things and furniture you no longer want. 
  4. Change your address for essential bills and subscriptions.
  5. Secure parking out front of your home for the day of your move. 
  6. Clean your house as much as possible before movers arrive.
  7. Finish last-minute errands. 
  8. Pack your essential items. 
  9. Dispose of trash and recycling from your home responsibly.
  10. Pack a bag for the day of your move to keep in your car in case of emergencies