Long Distance Movers Guelph

Are you planning a long-distance move but don’t know how or when to get started? With the professional help of Atlas Canada, homeowners in Guelph can experience a smooth, stress-free move. With over 50 years of experience, the team at Atlas Canada consists of leading professionals who have the skills and knowledge to help you navigate your move from start to finish.

Long Distance Movers Guelph

Atlas Canada prides itself on offering a selection of comprehensive moving services, including:

pack and unpack
  • Household moving 
  • Cross border moving
  • International moving 
  • Corporate relocation 
  • Logistics
  • Moving container and storage

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A long-distance move is considered anything across the province, the country, or internationally.

Traveling long distances comes with considerable expenses. However, several factors will determine your cost of moving across the province, country, or internationally. This includes:


  •   Packing and unpacking services
  •   The total weight of all personal belongings 
  •   The distance traveled  
  •   Vehicle transport costs
  •   The cost of moving and packing supplies 
  •   Liability and protection insurance
  •   The date you plan on moving long-distance 
  •   Whether you decide to hire a professional moving company or do everything yourself


Therefore, it is difficult to determine the cheapest way to move your items long-distance until speaking with a professional company.

The best method to move long distances is to hire a professional, long-distance moving company with the skills and resources to get you to your new location as seamlessly as possible. By allowing a professional moving company to handle your long-distance move, you can focus on getting your family to your destination safely without worrying about your belongings. Additionally, by allowing professional movers to handle your heavy boxes, furniture, and other items, you reduce the chance of injuries and damages occurring.

To manage your long-distance move successfully, here is how you can prepare in advance of your moving day.


  1. Start planning your move as soon as you know you are moving to a new location.
  2. Try to stay on schedule with enrolments and other calendar tasks that need to be handled before your move.
  3. Book with a long distance moving company to ensure they have time to prepare on their end.
  4. Purchase moving insurance to ensure your belongings are safe during transit.
  5. Make a detailed inventory list for your long distance moving company, so your estimate is as close as possible. That way, you can budget your move accordingly.
  6. Get rid of unwanted items to avoid overpacking.
  7. Pack lighter boxes that are easy to move.
  8. Label your boxes to help long distance movers in Guelph stay organized.
  9. Deconstruct large furniture pieces if you can.
  10. Leave the rest to a professional moving company to avoid damage and injuries.

Are you planning on moving to a new home soon? If this is your first time moving, the task of moving can seem daunting. Therefore, to help homeowners in Guelph prepare for their moving day, here is a checklist of tasks you should complete before the day of your scheduled move:


  1. Call and book a date with your chosen moving company.
  2. Use the food in your fridge and pantry that will expire soon, so you do not have to bring it to your new destination.
  3. Strategize and organize your packing by boxing all non-essential items before other belongings.
  4. Donate, sell, or dispose of old clothing, furniture, and other items you do not want to take with you to your home.
  5. Change your old address to your new one for any essential bills and subscriptions.
  6. Dispose of any dangerous items and chemicals.
  7. Confirm with your moving company a week before your scheduled date that you are ready for your move.
  8. Secure parking out front of your home for the day of your move if you live in an apartment building.
  9. Clean your house as much as possible before movers arrive.
  10. Finish any last-minute errands you may have on your list before the day of your scheduled move.  
  11. Pack your essential items in the days before your move.
  12. Remove all of the trash and recycling from your property.
  13. Pack a bag for the day of your move that includes all essential documents, a pair of clothing, and any other essential items and belongings in case of emergency.