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Is Corporate Relocation for You?

Corporate relocations are a frequent occurrence within global companies as 80% surveyed by Atlas Canada relocated employees between countries.


Making a move for your career can be a scary adjustment; picking up everything you own and moving somewhere you’ve never been. That being said, it can also be a great opportunity and a fresh change in your life. You may be asked to relocate across town, across the country or even overseas. The distance will all depend on the needs of your particular company. When deciding on whether relocating is for you, be sure to do as much research as you can before making the decision, and use all the resources available. Here are a couple ways to discover if a corporate relocation is for you.


Use Your Connections


When preparing for a move, there are many ways you can get ready just by using what you already have around you. One of the easiest resources available to you is reaching out to your coworkers that have relocated before, for tips on how to prepare for the moving process and what to expect. Maybe someone in your workspace has worked in the location you are relocating to and knows the office culture. Another great way to use your connections is by reaching out to people outside of work that might have lived in or visited the city before. This way you can get an outside look at the social atmosphere of the location.


Explore the City


Feel free to go check out the location as looking on the internet and word of mouth can only tell you so much. Take a trip out to the city and get a real look and feel of the area. There’s no better way to know if you will suit the city other than seeing it for yourself. Also, visit the office and the expected neighbourhood you will be living in; take a look at the commute and the social atmosphere. Maybe you’re into fitness for example. Take a look at the gyms or trails in the closest proximity of your new potential home. Don’t be afraid to also try something new. Perhaps you are moving somewhere up north and you’ve never lived in a colder climate before and always wanted to try skiing. Try to look at the move as an opportunity rather than a challenge. Taking a trip out to visit is the best way for you to know if the location suits you and/or your family.