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How to Save Money on Your Move

Managing all your expenses can be one of the biggest challenges when moving to a new home.


The best way to control costs and stay in budget is make a list of all your potential expenses. This will allow you to see which areas are essential to spend in and which areas you can cut down. Below are 4 surefire ways you can cut costs and save money on your move without compromising on quality.


Hire a Credible Moving Company


If you are planning to hire a mover it’s important to be extra cautious in your research to make sure you choose a credible company. When searching the internet today, there are just as many rogue movers as there are legitimate ones. Rogue movers are attracting customers by creating slick websites, offering low ball prices, setting unrealistic service expectations and then holding a shipment hostage for more money. You will end up spending way more than you bargained for to get your belongings back and quite often items will be lost or damaged. Hiring a credible moving company from the beginning will ensure your belongings are in good hands. There are steps you can take to ensure the mover you hire is a credible company. Take a look at our “How to Choose a Mover” video for more information.


Sell Old Furniture and Knickknacks


Moving is a great opportunity to go through your belongings and discard of any old, unwanted items. Instead of tossing these items, consider selling them. A garage sale is one of the easiest ways to dispose of old junk and make some money while doing it. Just like the expression goes, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”! If you don’t have the time for a garage sale, try selling your items online instead. There are many free, user-friendly forums where you can buy and sell directly from your computer. If you prefer to donate, a local charity is a great option for any non-perishable items. The more you donate the more money you will end up saving in moving expenses.


Do Your Own Packing


Although many movers offer professional packing and unpacking services, the additional cost may be out of your budget. A great way to save some extra money during a move is to do some or all of your own packing. Ask family and friends to lend a helping hand; it can make the process much quicker. Remember to give yourself lots of time! Rushing through the packing can result in damages to your belongings. Ask your Atlas Agent for helpful brochures and visit our Packing Tips page for some great advice.


Collect Your Own Packing Supplies


Before purchasing any boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, tape, etc. take a look around your house to see what packing supplies you have. The earlier you do this step, the more time you will have to start saving and collecting supplies. Give your local dollar store or liquor store a call to see if they have any spare boxes. Your workplace could also be a great option for extra materials. It never hurts to ask!