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Decorating a Rental Property

Making a rental property feel like your own can be a challenge especially since you’re often limited by the type of alterations you are allowed to make.


Although adding personal artifacts and home décor pieces are a great way to show your personality, it’s not always enough. As a tenant there are still plenty of ways you can decorate a rental beyond your personal knickknacks. Here are four reversible decorating tricks to try at home:


Light Fixtures


Lighting can really set the overall tone of a room. It’s not uncommon for a rental property to have outdated or standard light fixtures that not only give off poor lighting, but are unpleasant to look at. There’s an easy fix for that! Swap out the old light fixtures for something more stylish and new. There are many budget friendly options available to help you set the right tone. Make sure to keep the old fixtures to replace once you move out.




Updating your kitchen cabinet pulls and door knobs is another small way to make a huge impact in your rental. Take a trip to the local hardware store for a classic look or visit a vintage store for something more unique. Make sure to take the old hardware with you when scouting for new ones to ensure they are the right fit. Don’t forget to keep the old hardware somewhere safe.




A good kitchen faucet can make a world of differences when it comes to functionality and style. Since we spend so much time in our kitchens, the last thing you want is a leaky or rusted faucet. There are a wide variety of colours, styles, and functionalities available to choose from all at an affordable price. Your landlord will not object to an update like this!


Window Covering


Curtains and window treatments are an immediate way to transform your rental with personality. If new blinds are out of budget, draw the eye away with a nice set of drapes. Curtains are a non-permanent way to bring colour, texture and style to your walls. Make sure to hang the curtain rod 4-6 inches above the frame to create the illusion of a taller window.


Making your rental more aesthetically pleasing is not as difficult as you think especially with these four decorating tricks! If you’re unsure whether you are allowed to make an update to your rental property, take a look at your lease agreement. Getting written permission from your landlord is another way to ensure you have covered all your bases.