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Clever Moving Tips To Make Your Move Easier

Moving is an event that everyone can relate to. Whether you are moving to your first home, upsizing, downsizing, or even relocating for work, we all go through the process at some point in our lives.


There is a lot that goes into making a move successful and the process is time consuming to say the least. As professional movers we’ve shared some of our best tips on how to save money on a movepack like a pro, and even settle in to a new city. But we wanted to hear first hand from you what tips and tricks you’ve learnt from your own experiences to make moving easier.


We ran a social media contest asking the public to submit their best moving tips for the chance to win a gift card to Home Depot and have their tip featured here in an Atlas Canada blog.


We were amazed by all the different tips we received and after much deliberation, narrowed it down to our 3 winners. Each tip was chosen for practicality and the ability to think outside of the box. Keep reading to see what our winners had to say and don’t forget to check the Atlas Canada Facebook page for more monthly contests!


Tip 1: Keep track of everything


Have a notebook for keeping track of all the things you have to do. Utilities to terminate and new accounts to open. All the persons and companies you have to notify of your address change. The dates completed, persons you speak with and confirmation numbers will all be in one place.”
– Susan H.


When it comes to staying organized while moving, it’s easy to lose track of what needs to be done. Having a notebook to write down your progress and to do list can put your mind at ease as well as help you stay focused during a busy time.


Tip 2: Use detail when labeling boxes


“When I label my moving boxes, I go into more detail than just writing “Bathroom” or “Bedroom.” I’ll list some of the main contents so that I can easily find items when I’m unpacking or when I’m trying to survive those first few days of having my life in boxes. So instead of just “Kitchen”, for example, my label will be “Kitchen: mixing bowls, strainers, cutting boards”. It is a little extra work up front but saves so much time in the end!”
– Alison G.


Labelling boxes is very important when moving because it allows you and the movers to know exactly where everything goes. This tip alone will speed up the moving process drastically. But taking it one step further and writing down specific items within the box will make finding whatever you need, when you need it, that much easier.


Tip 3: Use coloured tape or labels


“Use different colored tape to seal the boxes for each room you pack. Then when you arrive at your new home you can easily stick the coloured tape on each room’s wall and everyone will know which box goes where.”
– Monica L.


Coloured tape is a creative and effective way of showing which room each box should go in when unloading your belongings. For example, all the kitchen boxes could have blue tape on them and the kitchen door itself could have a blue sticky note to direct all helpers. Colours are easily seen from a distance making the unloading process much quicker and more efficient.