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Are you relocating your corporate headquarters?  Did you buy a house or accept a new job in a different province?


No matter the reason for your long-distance move, you’ve come to the right place. As you plan and sort out the logistics of your relocation, it goes without saying that you’ll need all the help you can get. You’ll need experienced drivers, movers you can trust with your belongings, and reliable moving vehicles.


Here at Atlas Van Lines Canada, we specialize in helping Canadians like you move over long distances. Whether you’re going to Edmonton, Toronto, or the U.S., you can trust us to get the job done.

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When you’re planning a move for your business or your household, any time you’re looking at a long-distance move, it goes without saying that you’ve got a lot on your plate.

Here are a few of the reasons why you may want to work with Atlas Van Lines Canada for your move:


Friends can have schedules that conflict with yours and staff members may be busy dealing with the details of their own relocations. In addition, it’s not unusual for people to take one look at your grand piano and decide that they’ve bitten off more than they can chew.


With us, you get the benefit of hiring a professional long-distance moving company that Calgary-based businesses and residents can count on. We’re insured, we’re capable, and we’ll be there on time. 


Our van operators, consultants, and moving crews specialize in helping our customers arrange their long-distance relocations. This in turn has helped make Atlas Van Lines Canada team members some of the most efficient in the business. Our staff will have your belongings loaded and transported in a surprisingly short amount of time.


We’ve learned over the years that every move has a few big-ticket items that are difficult to transport. Maybe you have an antique organ, an expensive set of computer servers, or a solid oak china cabinet in your moving inventory. 


If you’re not accustomed to moving big items from place to place, you can end up in a situation where your property is damaged along with the floors of your soon-to-be former building. During the years we’ve been in business, our team has seen it all. Our crew will know how to negotiate all those difficult staircases and doorways without damaging your belongings.

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Calgary Long Distance Moving Services

Here’s what moving with Atlas Van Lines Canada looks like:



Stage #1: Before Your Move


You’ve discovered that you’re moving and that you’ll be working with Atlas Van Lines Canada. Great!


The first step is a meeting with your moving consultant. During this discussion, you’ll talk about what you need to pack and you’ll discuss timelines and logistics. While all of this is going on, you’ll also get a pricing estimate. If you have any concerns or unique pieces of furniture that need moving, you’ll be able to bring those details to our attention during this meeting. 


Stage #2: During Your Move


Okay. You talked things over with your moving consultant, you’ve been packing, and now you’re finally about to move. 


What’s next?


Our professional van operators will promptly arrive with a group of experienced crew members to start loading your things. They’ll bring tools and accessories that will ensure that your former property isn’t left with scuff marks and scratches. And they’ll also wrap all white or lightly coloured items in plastic before being loaded. 


After your items are loaded, the moving truck will be driven by our van operators. Because they are used to driving large vehicles on highways and residential roads, our operators have the skill and experience required to safely transport your items to your destination. 


Stage #3: After You Move


Our crew members will unpack the belongings that we packed and will place items wherever you want them. This means that if you have desks, mattresses, or couches that need to be set up in convenient places, you don’t have to worry about moving them yourself. In addition, we’ll remove any cardboard, debris, and materials that we used for unpacking before leaving you to settle in.



Atlas Van Lines Canada offers long-distance moving services throughout the U.S. and Canada. If you need us to, we can take you from Calgary to Vancouver or Winnipeg and back again. We put the “long distance” in “long-distance moving” for Calgary-based customers.

It depends. A few of the factors that have to be considered include:

  • What are you transporting? 
  • What items are going into storage? 
  • How far is your destination from Calgary? 


Your moving consultant will explain it to you more in-depth, but the gist is that your costs are going to be calculated in part by subtracting the estimated pre-loading weight of the truck from its post-loaded weight. 


While the final costs may differ a bit when moving day comes around, we guarantee that the bill won’t add up to more than 10 percent above the estimate you get from your moving consultant.


We offer a few services such as storage, moving containers, and loading. Speak to your moving consultant to discuss the logistics more in detail.

We do allow cancellations. But because there may be a penalty, we recommend contacting us as soon as possible.