Atlas Agent, Mackie Moving Systems Corporation, Acquired by Direct Partnership Limited (Canada Cartage)

Oakville, ON. June 16, 2022


Atlas Van Lines (Canada) Ltd. is pleased to announce Atlas Agent, Mackie Moving Systems Corporation, has been acquired by Direct Limited Partnership (Canada Cartage) effective June 14th, 2022.


“For five generations and over 94 years, our family has proudly offered quality, diverse service offerings to our clients across Canada and the United States. Over the course of 10 decades we have been extremely fortunate to have formed long-standing partnerships with our customers, employees and drivers – all instrumental to the growth of our business” stated Scott Mackie, CEO of Mackie Moving Systems.


Canada Cartage was founded in 1914 and offers customers a range of transportation and logistics services. “With a stellar reputation for delivering excellent customer service, we feel very confident our customers will continue to receive the same type of service for years to come” cited Norm Mackie, Chairman of Mackie. “Their resource base and cultural fit were very important factors in our decision.”


Norm and Scott Mackie will continue to be actively engaged in the operation of the business along with employees, drivers and contractors. The business will continue to operate under the Mackie Moving Systems brand, and as part of the Atlas Canada agency network.


“We are excited about the acquisition of Mackie Moving Systems and look forward to helping their team to grow throughout Canada and the United States.”, said Canada Cartage President & CEO Jeff Lindsay. “Mackie has a very solid customer base, many long-term staff and drivers, and an outstanding safety and service record. We’re confident that our combined services will help both their customers, and ours, to enjoy an enhanced household moving and final mile delivery experience”.


President and COO of Atlas Van Lines (Canada) Ltd., Fred Haladay, echoed the enthusiasm for this sale; “Mackie Moving Systems has been an exceptional member of the Atlas Canada household moving infrastructure for more than five years. The union of these two exemplary organizations will certainly benefit Atlas Canada and our valued customers in this dynamic industry”.


Mackie Moving Systems will continue to represent Atlas in Calgary, Edmonton, Mississauga, Halifax, Moncton, Middleton, and Fredericton through its head office in Oshawa, Ontario providing household moving (residential and corporate) and storage (long-term and short-term) services. We look forward to expanding our partnership with Mackie Moving Systems and Canada Cartage, and continuing to strengthen our position in key markets across Canada while providing superior moving services to our customers.

Atlas Canada Wins their 4th 2022 Canadian HR Reporter Readers’ Choice Award for Relocation Services

Oakville, ON. June 16, 2022


The Canadian HR Reporter magazine has announced that leading transportation company Atlas Canada, a subsidiary of Atlas World Group Inc., has won the 2022 Canadian HR Reporter Readers’ Choice Award in the Relocation Services category. This prestigious award has been earned by Atlas Canada for the fourth consecutive year. Atlas is extremely proud to have achieved the top honour in Relocation Services, and to be recognized as one of only four Canadian companies in the industry.


The Canadian HR Reporter is a printed and online magazine serving as Canada’s guide to human resources (HR) management since 1987. Subscribers are sent weekly updates on the latest HR developments including trends, issues, and expert advice from HR professionals. Over 30,000 readers voted for their preferred HR suppliers in different categories including Leadership, Diversity, Health/Wellness, and Relocation Services. The Readers’ Choice Awards constitutes an annual event currently in its seventh year. Please find the full Canadian HR Reporter Reader’s Choice Awards Announcement as well as our Atlas Canada Leadership Profile.


“We are thrilled to be recognized by the Canadian HR Reporter as the top service company in the Relocation Services category for the fourth year in a row,” says Fred Haladay, President & COO Atlas Canada, of Atlas Canada. “COVID-19 has put our organization to the test in many ways, but with the support and expertise of our agency network, we have persevered through these challenges and continue to provide our customers with the highest level of quality service. This accomplishment reflects the hard work and dedication demonstrated by our agency family, and for that we are very proud.”


The relocation industry has evolved over the last few years with the emergence of many new trends in real estate, cross-border traffic, and corporate relocations. Atlas Canada’s diverse network of qualified moving agents has allowed the organization to pivot and continue to lead the way as the top van line in Canada. Providing our customer with the highest level of service is our utmost priority, and our network of agents are committed to exceeding service expectations and customer satisfaction standards every day.


Since the van line’s Canadian market entry in 1963, Atlas Canada has become the nation’s largest long distance residential and corporate mover. With more than 100 agents across Canada you can be sure that Atlas will be there for all your relocation needs. Atlas pioneered the first national Quality Assurance Certificate guarantee in the Canadian moving industry, providing safe, reliable service for all local, long distance, international and cross-border moving in Canada. Atlas Canada and its network of agents take pride in establishing long-lasting relationships with customers demonstrating the highest standard of relocation.


Visit for more information on Atlas Van Lines (Canada) Ltd., or to get your free quote today.

Atlas Canada Signs a 25 Year Renewal Agreement with AMJ Campbell

Oakville, ON. May 10, 2022


Leading van line Atlas Canada, a subsidiary of Atlas World Group, Inc., announces that it has signed a 25 year renewal agreement with AMJ Campbell effective May 1, 2022. AMJ Campbell represents Atlas in 30 locations across Canada providing full-service household moving (local, long distance, international and corporate), specialized moving services with short and long term storage options, home delivery and logistic solutions.


“It is a momentous day in AMJ and Atlas Canada’s history together,” commented Fred Haladay, President & COO, Atlas Canada. “A true sign of a wonderful partnership that will guarantee benefit and growth for the future of both organizations over the next quarter century. It truly is an exciting moment in our history together.”


AMJ Campbell celebrates nearly 90 years in business and has been a dedicated Atlas Agent since 1984. Their team of quality and experienced moving professionals expands coast to coast with a presence in every key market across Canada. Our continued partnership adds significant value to the growth and strategic vision of the organization.


“Atlas Canada has enjoyed a strong partnership with AMJ Campbell for many years, positioning both companies as the leaders in the moving, storage, and logistics marketplace throughout Canada,” commented Jack Griffin, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Atlas World Group, Inc. “That’s why it gives me great pleasure to announce that AMJ Campbell and Atlas Canada have taken their partnership to another level with a new long-term commitment to one another which includes an equity stake for AMJ Campbell in Atlas Canada’s parent company, Atlas World Group, Inc. in Evansville, Indiana. As a stockholder, AMJ Campbell will have a voice in the overall direction of Atlas World Group, Inc. and contribute to its long-term success, not just in Canada, but around the world.”


“AMJ Campbell is excited to announce a long-term partnership with Atlas Canada and Atlas World Group in the US. It will help shape the future for AMJ and the moving industry in Canada, as well as allow for expansion into the US markets,” said Pierre Frappier, President, AMJ Campbell. “We are excited to continue to work alongside Atlas Canada and AWG and set new boundaries by using the latest technology and working together with our strong footprint across the country and grow into new markets.”


Atlas Canada has built a strong and dedicated network of more than 100 agents since 1963 whom through adaptation, growth and experience continue to strengthen the agency’s commitment to delivering excellence and quality service to our valued customers. This contract renewal will allow Atlas Canada to continue to strengthen their position across Canada for many years to come.


About Atlas Canada

Since the van line’s Canadian market entry in 1963, Atlas Canada has become the nation’s largest long distance residential and corporate mover. With more than 100 agents across Canada you can be sure that Atlas will be there for all your relocation needs. Atlas pioneered the first national Quality Assurance Certificate guarantee in the Canadian moving industry, providing safe, reliable service for all local, long distance, international and cross-border moving in Canada. Atlas Canada and its network of agents take pride in establishing long-lasting relationships with customers demonstrating the highest standard of relocation. For more information on Atlas Van Lines Canada Ltd. and its relocation services, visit


About AMJ Campbell

Since 1934, AMJ Campbell has been helping families and businesses move around the corner and across the globe. Their expert teams provide provides local, long distance, international, commercial, specialized moving services, and dedicated customer service to ensure that each and every move takes place smoothly. As an Atlas Agent, they guarantee professional moving solutions, worldwide from start to finish from 30 independently owned and operated locations across Canada. For more information on AMJ Campbell and its relocation services, visit

How to Transport Your Collection

At Atlas Canada, we understand the significance behind your collection. Whether it’s coins, cards, fine art, or something completely different, it is a personal and financial investment that requires the utmost attention when moving.


The last thing anyone wants is their prized possessions getting lost, damaged, or impacted by the moving process. Luckily, there are many ways to keep your collectables safe during the moving process.


Evaluating your Collection

Firstly, identify your collection and talk to your mover about it. For example, figuring out how many items are in your collection and the weight will determine a plan of action for your move. If your collection is made up of smaller pieces, such as comic books, stamps, vinyl records, toys, or similar sizes, consider bringing it with you in your car or small trailer, as it might not take up a lot of space. For larger collectables, you may want to consider choosing dependable movers and packers to help.


It is important to note that there are some items prohibited from being shipped on the moving van. For more information on non-admissible items, ask your Atlas moving agent.


Whether you seek the assistance of professional movers, or decide to move on your own, it is important to incorporate these steps early on:


  • Make an inventory of all the items in your collection. This will help ensure all your items are in attendance and accounted for before moving day. It will also make the unpacking process that much easier, getting you back to enjoying your collection that much faster.


  • Look into the specifics of safely transporting your collection. If you are a member of a collecting community, or perhaps have connections with collectors who have previously moved locations, reaching out for information and advice is an excellent option. Be sure to share this information with your moving professionals before they pack up the truck for transportation.


How your professional movers and packers help you move your collection

Our professional movers and packers are at your disposal and will assist you with top-of-the-line service to ensure a seamless moving process. Our trustworthy team of experts have experience securely packaging and transporting items that are rare and unique. You can rest easy knowing our team has dealt with large collections in the past and devise a comprehensive plan to transport the things that matter to you the most.

Help For First Time Movers

Moving can be one of the most stressful events in a person’s life, especially when doing it for the first time. Atlas Canada wants to make sure you understand how to make the best decisions to reduce stress and get you on your way. Whether you choose to move by yourself or with the help of our team of professionals, here are some tips to get you started.


Plan ahead:

Moving can be a complicated process. It requires coordination, organization, and planning to ensure everything runs smoothly. Lucky for you, Atlas Canada is proud of the work we do, and has an experienced team of Moving Consultants, Van Operators, and Professional Packers across Canada to help every step of the way.


Once you know you’re going to move, consider making a detailed list of tasks that should be completed before your big day.


Some of these tasks might include:

  • Gathering estimates, hiring movers, and deciding whether additional relocation services are required, such as professional packers to handle your items safely.
  • If you are not hiring movers, gather packing supplies from local businesses, online, or social groups to make packing and unpacking easier.
  • Remember to schedule shutoff dates for your home’s utilities and other services, such as cable TV and Internet, at your old home and prepare for them at your new one.
  • Cleaning your home before moving out.
  • If you rent your old home, set up a move-out date as well as a final inspection with your landlord.
  • Have a route to your new home planned. This is especially important for long distance moves and gives you the opportunity to implement planned pit-stops for longer drives.

For more information on moving, visit our resources tab for more tips, checklists, and other useful information.


Plan your first few days in your new home:

Once your new home has been established, the next step in your moving process should be to plan to make the first few days as comfortable and manageable as possible. It is important to note that you may arrive before your items, as previously mentioned in our “Moving Process” blog post. For this reason, packing a bag for the first few days is an excellent way to stay organized.


Some of these items include:

  • Clothes; for work or casual wear. You can never go wrong with spare changes of clothes.
  • Medications, toiletries, towels and other regularly used items.
  • Bedsheets for each occupied room
  • Charging equipment for your phones, laptops, and tablets.
  • Some disposable dishware including utensils, plates, and cups.

Find dependable movers and packers

Trustworthy movers and packers will make the moving process that much easier. Reach out to local companies with good, honest reviews and ensure their services are legitimate. The last thing you want is a rogue mover. Price is also an important factor, but the lowest price should not be the only thing you consider. Make sure to check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the Canadian Associate of Movers (CAM) to ensure their reputation is in good standing. Watch our “How to Choose a Mover” video to find out more!

Atlas Canada Wins the 2021 Canadian HR Reporter Readers Choice Award for Relocation Services

Oakville, ON. June 30, 2021


The Canadian HR Reporter magazine has once again announced that leading transportation company Atlas Van Lines (Canada) Ltd., a subsidiary of Atlas World Group Inc. has won the 2021 Canadian HR Reporter Readers Choice Award in the Relocation Services category. Atlas is very proud to have earned one of the top spots in Relocation Services for both 2020 and 2021 against many other candidates and competitors.


The Canadian HR Reporter is a printed and online magazine serving as Canada’s guide to human resources (HR) management. Subscribers are sent weekly updates on the latest HR developments including trends, issues, and expert advice from HR professionals. This year, 30,000 readers voted for their preferred HR suppliers in 48 different categories including Leadership, Diversity, Health/Wellness, and Relocation Services. The Readers’ Choice Awards constitutes an annual event currently in its sixth year. Please find the full Canadian HR Reporter Reader’s Choice Awards Announcement.


“This award would not have been possible without our hardworking network of professional moving agents across Canada and the incredible staff here at headquarters in Oakville, Ontario. Their commitment to providing exceptional service to our customers, especially during the pandemic year, has been inspiring to witness”, said Fred Haladay, President and COO of Atlas Canada. “As we learned to navigate the many challenges of COVID-19 together, one thing remained consistent: our agency network’s commitment to delivering safe and reliable moving services to our customers.”


Since the van line’s Canadian market entry in 1963, Atlas Canada has become the nation’s largest long distance residential and corporate mover. With more than 100 agents across Canada you can be sure that Atlas will be there for all your relocation needs. Atlas pioneered the first national Quality Assurance Certificate guarantee in the Canadian moving industry, providing safe, reliable service for all local, long distance, international and cross-border moving in Canada. Atlas Canada takes pride in establishing long-lasting relationships with customers, and demonstrates what the highest standard of relocation looks like.


Visit for more information on Atlas Van Lines (Canada) Ltd., or to get your free quote today.


Press Contact: 
Scott Clark 
(905) 844-0701 X316 

The Moving Process

Moving can be complicated. In fact, it is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. There is a lot that goes into moving, especially when travelling longer distances, which is why Atlas Van Lines Canada is here to help every step of the way. What better way to move than to do it with professionals? Here is a quick step by step guide of what it looks like to move with the experts here at Atlas!


The Survey:

  • Your Atlas Moving Consultant will meet with you to learn about your move, answer all your questions and explain how our Quality Assurance Certificate protects you.
  • The Consultant will also do a survey of your home to make sure we understand your needs and provide you with an accurate estimate and moving plan.


The Estimate:

  • Your Atlas Moving Consultant will provide you with an estimate and answer any questions or concerns you may have. We want to ensure you make an informed choice when selecting a moving company to take care of your move.
  • Your Atlas Moving Consultant will also be provide you with a Transit Time Guide which includes an estimated delivery date for moving your possessions between your old and new homes.


  • If you choose Atlas Canada, we will walk you through and sign the Quality Assurance Certificate which outlines our essential moving services.
  • A confirmation of your moving details and the Transit Time Guide will be provided to you in writing. At this point, our payment options will be outlined for your convenience.



  • Our trained team of Atlas Canada packing professionals has the resources to ensure all your possessions arrive safely to your new home. If you choose to pack yourself, we provide tips based on our experience to maximize packing efficiency. We also provide the best materials for packing at a reasonable cost.
  • There are certain items that are prohibited and therefore cannot be transported by Atlas Canada. For these products, we can give advice on how you can transport o dispose of them safely.


Professional Van Operator:

  • With years of moving experience, your Professional Van Operator  (PVO) will ensure the truck is loaded properly and safely. Your PVO is dedicated to satisfying you with their exceptional service.


Moving Day:

  • Now we are ready to load your possessions. Your PVO will ensure that your house is protected during the loading process by putting up temporary banister padding, floor runners, plastic wrap, and blankets for furniture. You can rest easy that your items will be handled with care and packed safely.
  • In addition to this, your PVO will create a detailed inventory of your possessions to keep track of your items.



  • Once everything is loaded, the Atlas truck will arrive at the government-inspected weigh station to ensure your estimated weight is accurate. Your possessions will make the long-distance journey in a specially equipped air-ride Atlas Truck, specifically designed for moving your household goods. This process may include a few days in secure storage.
  • When crossing the border, your Moving Consultant will ensure that you have all the necessary paperwork and an understanding of all the requirements prior to your move.


Transit Protection Plans:

  • In terms of transit protection, Atlas offers two coverage options for long-distance moves:
    • Full Protection: This option is valued at $10 multiplied by the weight of your shipment in pounds (lbs). This is a comprehensive protection plan for your possessions.
    • Basic Protection: $0.60/pound. For example, a 32’ TV would be covered up to $33.


Delivery and Unpacking:

  • Your Professional Van Operator will contact you a minimum of 24 hours ahead of delivery to allow you to prepare for the unloading process.
  • As the movers unload your possessions with extreme care, you can start checking off items on the inventory list to ensure all is in order.
  • At this point, carrier-packed items will be removed from cartons and placed in your home as directed, as well as the removal of packing material and debris one the unpacking process has been completed.


After Move Follow Up:

  • After your move is completed, your Professional Moving Consultant will follow up with you to make sure you are settled in and will provide you with a quality questionnaire.
  • At Atlas, we strive to deliver exceptional service every step of the way, this post-move follow-up helps us understand how we can better serve our customers in the future.

Sprucing Up Your Garden


Seasons are changing, and that means it’s time to get your garden ready to shine for the spring and summer months ahead. To help get started, we sat down with some expert gardeners who revealed their best gardening secrets to create a lively, home oasis.


Here are some tips from Canadian homeowners who can’t wait to get outside and work on their gardens.


Start Properly, Not Too Early

When starting your gardening after the winter it is important to be patient and let nature takes its course. Even if the ground seems like it is thawed, there are still insects and pollinators overwintering in the debris that need time to change with the seasons. With temperatures still changing rapidly, it is best to wait until the temperature evens out so that the seasonal activity of the ground is consistent.


Plan Your Layout

Take time develop a strategy and outline what will go where in your garden to make it easier when planting and buying. Knowing where things will go will help you decide how much you need to buy in terms of materials (dirt, woodchips, garden fencing, etc.). Spend a few days watching the weather patterns where the garden will be. Look for what parts are getting sun and for how long.


Do Your Research

Talk to other gardeners, workers at the garden center, and research online to clear up any questions you have before you start planting. Knowing what plant seeds you need and what type of soil they thrive in will help you when starting your garden.


Today’s gardener has shifted their focus on creating a greener and more eco-friendly atmosphere in their outdoor space. It is important to be mindful of providing habitats for insects, birds, small animals, and others living outdoors. The return to native plants and fostering a healthy and more sustainable planet has become a big part of many people’s lives.

DIY Home Project Ideas


DIY projects are a great way to personalize your home, expand your skills, and fill your down time with rewarding work.


As the world has been spending more time at home these days, we thought it was a great time to run a social media contest asking the public to show us their fun DIY home projects for the chance to win!


We received all types of entries from small art projects to big home renos and were amazed by the effort put into each piece of work. There was no project too big or too small because we know creativity comes in all shapes and sizes! With the help of our social media followers, we narrowed down our top 4 favourite projects we hope inspire you below.


Project 1: Recycled Bottle Cap Magnets and Buttons

– Made by Jenna L.


Get creative with what you already have and use old materials around the house. Save old bottle caps and turn them into magnets or buttons with your favourite sayings, logos or characters on them.


These cool DIY magnets and buttons are completely upcycled using recycled bottle caps, old magnets and earrings. They are environmentally friendly crafts that will bring a personal touch to your home and are also great as gifts.


Quick Tips for this DIY

  • Test out different paints, markers, and any other decorating material on your bottle caps to see what works best
  • Try to use bottle caps with a less colourful design on them for easier painting


Project 2: Upgrading Your Fireplace

– Made by Paul C.


If you have an outdated fireplace or are just looking for a new design, there are lots of DIY ways you can create a brand-new look. Paul’s DIY fireplace upgrade was a big project that began with ripping out the original material and covering it with reclaimed brick. A new mantle was built out of rough pine to give it a more antique feel and it turned out beautiful!


It is important to remember that all upgrades can always be customized to your style and budget. A simple coat of paint on your fireplace can do wonders in bringing the room together with a more current look and feel.


Quick Tips for this DIY

  • Make sure the fireplace is completely cooled or has no risk of turning on during your project
  • Make a plan for your design, including budget, colour scheme, materials and overall esthetic


Project 3: Homemade Stylish Signs

– Made by Tara H.


Get festive for the holidays and make some homemade decorations with the kids! Whether you buy craft kits and spruce it up yourself or make something from scratch there is lots of fun to be had with these DIY projects.


Crafting can become a great hobby and is always something fun to do with the whole family. Instead of hunting around the stores for the perfect holiday decoration why not create it at home!


Quick Tips for this DIY

  • Make sure you measure but don’t stress if the cuts aren’t 100% accurate
  • If you’re newer to painting or designing, practice on a sheet of paper first


Project 4: Reviving Your Old Deck

Made by Victor C.


Not all DIY projects need to be started from scratch. Sometimes it’s all about reviving an old piece, like this deck, and making it feel brand new again.


There are many different stages of DIY that go along with your level of experience. Some of the easiest ways to revive an old deck is giving it a good clean. This includes scraping off any loose wood chips, applying a wood cleaner, giving it a wash, and then putting a fresh coat of stain on top. These types of projects will protect your deck in the long run, create a cleaner look, and save you money.


Quick Tips for this DIY

  • Research the best types of wood cleaners and finishes for your specific deck
  • Rent tools such as power washers from your local hardware store

5 Ways to Adapt Your Move For The Pandemic


Moving during the current pandemic is a lot different than moving has been in the past. There are new precautions, mandatory rules, and behaviours that need to be followed.


Our priority throughout this pandemic has always been to keep our customers and our teams’ safe while continuing to provide exceptional quality service. Our team of professional movers are here to help you adapt to these new changes and make your move as stress-free as possible. The following tips were designed to help you prepare and feel more comfortable moving during a pandemic:


Tip 1: Research Your Moving Company


It’s important to stay informed and make sure the company you hire is following the correct procedures. Protect yourself and your family by researching your moving company before you start taking out your wallet. Search for a company that is clear with their COVID-19 procedures and is able to provide the level of comfort you are looking for.


Atlas Canada and our network of mover agents will continue to follow the recommended protocols of Health Canada, the CDC, and WHO. These help us ensure that there is a uniform set of guidelines and safety measures across all of our operations. If you have further questions about our safety protocols, please contact your local Atlas Van Lines moving agent to ensure peace of mind when moving.


Tip 2: Find a Moving Estimate


We know cost can be a major driving factor when choosing a mover, especially during the pandemic. Many people are planning their finances well in advance and considering all aspects of cost before making decisions. Atlas Van Lines can help you plan by providing you a moving estimate to ensure you know what to expect. Click to get your moving estimate today!


Tip 3: Plan Your Pre-Move Shopping


As many stores are limited to the number of people indoors or have resorted to curbside pick-up only, it is necessary to plan in advance what moving materials you will need. To try and limit the amount of contact you have with others, it’s best to plan what you need and where you need to go. What supplies do you need? What stores carry these supplies? Make a list to ensure you have enough packing and moving supplies so you don’t need to worry about running out last minute. If you can, try to limit yourself to 1-3 stores during your outing.


While shopping for moving supplies, don’t forget to pick up some safety materials as well. Make sure you’re stocked up on gloves you may need, hand sanitizer, cleaning products, and disposable masks. Having enough supplies will make it easier to follow health guidelines during your move.


Tip 4: Use Safety Supplies and Follow Procedures


Now that you’ve been able to go out and get all of your supplies, make sure you put them to use. Sanitizing and cleaning high touch surfaces before the move is important, but it is also important to try and maintain these efforts throughout moving day as well. Create a sanitizing station with all the essentials and assign one person to make sure high traffic areas are sanitized.


Tip 5: Designate a Point of Contact


Someone should also be designated as the main point of contact with the movers. This will limit closer contact with our team and your family to reduce any risk. Make sure you are following safety guidelines such as staying six feet apart, washing/sanitizing your hands, wearing a mask, and not removing your mask while interacting with others will help keep everyone safe.


By sharing the above tips, we hope to help you stay informed on how moving has changed during the pandemic and ways we can make the process less stressful for you. We can’t wait to help you Go New Places®.