Your Atlas Canada national mover agent employs a team to handle your move. Each person is responsible for different tasks, all working together to ensure your total move satisfaction.

Moving Consultant

Atlas moving company consultant coordinates a moving schedule with a Mississauga area local moving customer.

The Atlas agent moving consultant meets with you before the move, prepares a moving estimate, provides advice and answers your questions. The moving consultant coordinates your pack dates with the agency crew and equipment, scheduling your preferred pickup and delivery dates. Your Atlas representative reports your information to the Operations department at Atlas headquarters, where professionals monitor your long distance move to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Van Operator

Your Atlas Van Operator is your moving day manager. He knows how to handle your possessions safely, how to load them securely, and how to supervise the crew who helps him serve you.

The Van Operator will ensure floor runners are put down to protect your home during loading and unloading. Thick cushioned moving pads will be used to safeguard your furniture during the move. White and light coloured upholstery will be wrapped in clear plastic and then wrapped in quilted moving pads.


Your Atlas delivery crew places your furniture where you want it in your new home. They'll carry cartons to the kitchen, bedrooms, basement and garage as marked. They'll unroll rugs, reassemble beds, and put them where you say.


Atlas moving company can provide you an instant moving quote and moving boxes for your local moving and long distance moving in North America

Your Atlas mover agent at destination will assign properly trained personnel to unpack any cartons that were packed by Atlas. Your unpackers will remove every item from the cartons and place them on convenient surfaces so that you can put them away at your leisure. They will take away any packing materials and debris when they leave.

Your Atlas team provides professional moving service from start to finish, just as you expect.

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