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Our Team

Your Atlas Canada mover employs a team

to handle your move. Each person is responsible

for different tasks, all working together to

ensure your satisfaction.

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Professional Moving Consultant

The Atlas Professional Moving Consultant meets with you before the move, prepares a moving estimate, provides advice and answers your questions. The moving consultant coordinates your pack dates with the agency crew and equipment, scheduling your preferred pickup and delivery dates. Your Professional Moving Consultant reports your information to the Operations department at Atlas headquarters, where professionals monitor your long distance move to ensure everything goes smoothly.

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Professional Van Operator

Your Atlas Van Operator is your moving day manager. He or she knows how to handle your possessions safely, how to load them securely, and how to supervise the crew who works on your move. The Professional Van Operator will ensure floor runners are put down to protect your home during loading and unloading. Thick cushioned moving pads will be used to safeguard your furniture. White and light-coloured upholstery will be wrapped in clear plastic and then wrapped in quilted moving pads.

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Your Professional Van Operator will provide you with an inventory list so you can confirm that everything has been delivered. If there are any items missing or damaged, make a note on the list prior to signing it as this is important. Your Atlas delivery crew will place your furniture where you want it in your new home. They’ll carry cartons to the kitchen, bedrooms, basement and garage as marked. They’ll unroll rugs, reassemble beds, and put them where you request.

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Your Atlas delivery crew at destination will assign properly trained personnel to unpack any cartons that were packed by the Atlas crew at origin. Your unpackers will remove every item from the cartons and place them on convenient surfaces so that you can put them away at your leisure. They will also take away any packing materials and debris when they leave.

Your Atlas team provides a professional moving service from start to finish, just as you expect.

No Stranger In Your Home Program

Peace of Mind

Atlas is the first van line in Canada to implement

a nationwide background check program.

No Stranger In Your Home

Moving is a time when many people will enter your home, all with access to your possessions. Not to worry – Atlas Canada offers total peace of mind.

All Atlas personnel have been criminally background checked to provide service on all Atlas Canada moves. Under our No Stranger in Your Home program, all staff that work on your move are cleared for service including:

  • Professional Moving Consultant
  • Professional Van Operator
  • Loading & unloading crews
  • Packers
  • Warehouse personnel

Atlas has partnered with BackCheck, Canada’s leader in employment screening to complete this process with the highest degree of respect and discretion for the individuals’ privacy. We ensure that Atlas Canada movers hire employees who meet our standards.

All Atlas personnel who come into your home will carry an Atlas Canada photo ID Badge which contains an identification number that you can verify.

That’s peace of mind…

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Quality In Motion

Atlas Canada is the first van line in Canada to put a quality program in place that requires mandatory actions from our moving consultants and agent moving companies on each move.

Atlas Canada’s Quality in Motion program is comprised of three pillars; Education, Expertise and Reward.


A considerable amount of time, effort and money is spent on training Atlas personnel. Webinars, regional meetings and hands on workshops are used for the delivery of training to our moving consultants, packers, loaders, van operators and admin personnel.



Quality Assurance Certificate

As part of this program, moving consultants must clearly explain each phase of the moving process to the customer including:

  • how estimated costs were calculated
  • how your shipment will be cared for and moved to your new location
  • how the schedule of services is determined
  • when you can expect to hear from your move driver
  • how your belongings will be catalogued
  • explanation of transit protection plans
  • explanation of unpacking services
  • explanation of the payment options available on your move

Customers are then asked to sign the Atlas Quality Assurance Certificate to acknowledge receipt and to confirm all moving processes were clearly explained to them.

Essential Services

Our mover agents and van operators must complete an Essential Services Form on each move to confirm all the mandatory actions have been completed. Financial penalties are assessed to those who do not complete a mandatory action.

  • confirmation letter sent to customer
  • Quality Assurance Certificate issued and receipted by customer
  • use of a set up carton on the move
  • properly completed packing labels
  • plastic wrap of all upholstered furniture
  • use of floor runners and banister protection
  • proper set up and reassembly of all items disassembled by mover
  • unpacking service  performed to customers satisfaction (if packing service was purchased)
  • customer contacted minimum of 24-48 hours in advance of delivery


Monthly and quarterly rewards and recognition are given to those who have given outstanding customer service and include Sales, Administration, Van Operators, Packers and Unpackers. These monthly and quarterly rewards are based solely on customer letters or emails.

Yearly Quality Awards –  Atlas Canada’s yearly quality awards for our mover agents and van operators are based on a number of factors; claims frequency, claims cost, on time deliveries and by customer ratings and comments on our post- move Quality Surveys.

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Giving Back


Atlas Van Lines Canada is proud to partner with Move For Hunger. 


Moving is a great time to donate unopened, non-perishable food items. Atlas movers across Canada are helping their customers by delivering donated foods to the local food bank. According to Move For Hunger, over 850,000 people access food banks in Canada, of which 36% are children. 


Hunger is not a problem only affecting the homeless or the poorest of the poor. Hunger is everywhere, and the numbers are staggering. What does hunger look like, you might ask? 


  • It is your elderly neighbor who must choose between buying groceries and heating their home 
  • It is your child’s classmate who goes to school each day without lunch and is too embarrassed to ask for help 


Move For Hunger is a non-profit organization who partners with a number of companies in North America. With the help of their partners, more than 7.6 million pounds of food has been collected to date for people in need. For more information, please visit www.moveforhunger.org.


Click to view the Move For Hunger Video.


Atlas Van Lines Canada along with many of our Atlas movers across Canada are qualified members of CAM, an organization representing moving & storage companies around the world. CAM’s main purpose is helping consumers find information on moving and credible, professional moving services. 


For more information on CAM follow this link www.mover.net


The Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) is Canada’s largest HR association in the country with more than 24,000 members. In Ontario, HRPA regulates the HR profession and issues the Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation, the national standard for excellence in human resources management. Atlas has been proud to sponsor the HRPA annual conference for over 10 years. 


For more information on HRPA or to find out how you can become a member click here www.hrpa.ca.

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Atlas and our mover agent AMJ Campbell are both proud to partner with the Truckers Against Trafficking organization.


Truckers Against Trafficking is raising up a mobile army of transportation professionals to assist law enforcement in the recognition and reporting of human trafficking, in order to aid in the recovery of victims and the arrest of their perpetrators.


To learn more or to find out how you can help please go to  www.truckersagainsttrafficking.org


Atlas and our movers are proud to partner with the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation.


The National Garage Sale for Shelter Day is the Shelter Foundation’s biggest national fundraising event. Since 1998, the Shelter Foundation has raised over $30 million for women’s shelters across Canada.


Many Atlas movers provide storage, transportation and assistance to help the Royal LePage Real Estate offices across Canada with their Garage Sale for Shelter Day.


The Shelter Foundation supports 200 local shelters and helps over 50,000 women & children each year who are experiencing violence and abuse. 


100% of every dollar raised or donated goes directly to the woman’s shelters and education programs; Royal Le Page Real Estate covers all of the administration costs. 


To find a Garage Sale location near you or to make a donation please go to www.royallepage.ca 


Atlas Van Lines has been a member of CERC for over 25 years. CERC is the leading provider of information and education to the relocation industry; an organization dedicated to global mobility and employee relocation. 


For more information on CERC or to become a member follow this link www.cerc.ca

CHRR Readers' Choice 2023_Relocation Services

Atlas Canada wins the 2023 Canadian HR Reporter Readers’ Choice Award for the category Relocation Services for the 5th consecutive year in a row!

Click Here to see the full press release. 


Atlas is a proud, long-time partner of Aeroplan. You can earn points through our annual social media contests!


Aeroplan is recognized throughout the world as a leading customer loyalty program. Aeroplan points can be used towards airline travel, car rentals, hotel stays, vacation packages and an ever-growing range of specialty gifts.


To learn more about how you can earn Aeroplan points go to www.aircanada.com/ca/en/aco/home/aeroplan.html.

Make A Greener Move

We are proud to say that Atlas Van Lines was honoured with the John Biasini Environment Excellence Award for lowering energy consumption through conservation and technology.

Atlas Canada and our network of movers across Canada are dedicated to making the world a greener place through a variety of energy saving initiatives:

  • Our moving trucks use ultra-low Sulphur diesel fuel, a very energy-efficient fossil fuel
  • The cartons and paper used for packing are made from recycled materials and are 100% recyclable

  • Our movers across Canada also offer gently used cartons to moving customers at a reduced price

  • Atlas Van Lines Canada provides “print on demand” moving brochures for our movers to reduce energy and to save outdated brochures from ending up in a landfill

  • Atlas Canada’s Headquarters uses timed, low wattage lighting throughout the building and we recycle paper, toners, print cartridges bottles, cans and cardboard

  • Atlas’ 100+ national movers across Canada recycle corrugated cardboard, stretch wrap, plastic, glass, steel aluminium, wood, engine oils, tires and batteries

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Atlas Canada Quality And Sales Awards 2023

National Quality Awards

AMJ Campbell – Cambridge, ON

AMJ Campbell – North Bay, ON

LaPorte Moving & Storage Systems – Richmond, BC

Stallion Van Lines – Edmonton, AB

Miller the Mover Ltd. – Thompson, MB



Regional Quality Awards


AMJ Campbell Toronto West – Mississauga, ON

King’s Transfer Van Lines – Montreal, QC

AMJ Campbell – Fredericton, NB

Adler Moving Systems – Sault Ste Marie, ON


AMJ Campbell – Calgary, AB

AMJ Campbell – Victoria, BC

Premiere Van Lines – Edmonton, AB

Summit Moving & Storage – Langley, BC

Ellis Moving & Storage Ltd. – Vancouver, BC

National Quality Awards

Christina McGovern, AMJ Campbell – Halifax, NS

Glen Snowdon, Premiere Van Lines – Winnipeg, MB

Karla Mackay, Stallion Van Lines – Edmonton, AB

Jamie Ellis, Ellis Moving & Storage Ltd. – Vancouver, BC


Regional Quality Awards


Virginia Willms, AMJ Campbell – North Bay, ON

Mike Lloyd, Lloyd Empire Moving – Ottawa, ON

Jamie Delottinville, Dewitt Movers & Storage – Dundas, ON


Michael Hys-Moore, AMJ Campbell – Edmonton, AB

Amanda Kautzman, Jay’s Transportation Group – Regina, SK

Lorraine Carmody, Jay’s Transportation Group – Prince Albert, SK

Gary Shillington, Borstad Relocation Systems – Grande Prairie, AB

National Quality Awards

Glenn Robins, AMJ Campbell Toronto East – Markham, ON

Tyler Legere, LaPorte Moving & Storage Systems – Richmond, BC


Prime Fleet Regional Quality Awards

Ray Murray, Premiere Van Lines – Halifax, NS

Dennis Knowlton, AMJ Campbell – Ottawa, ON

Graham Cool, AMJ Campbell – Victoria, BC

Blair Pleadwell, Mackie Moving System – Oshawa, ON

Jacob Hunter, AMJ Campbell – London, ON

Cody Gates, King’s Transfer Van Lines – Calgary, AB


Supplemental Fleet Regional Quality Awards

British Columbia Troy Insley, Arrowsmith Moving & Storage – Parksville, BC

Alberta Lorie Natyshak, AMJ Campbell – Calgary, AB

Prairies Will Dunster, Jay’s Transportation Group – Regina, SK

Ontario Andy Berry, AMJ Campbell – North Bay, ON

Quebec No Recipient.

Maritimes Blaine Cameron, Premiere Van Lines – Sydney, NS

National Account Sales Category A

1st Place David Dixon, AMJ Campbell Toronto West – Mississauga, ON

2nd Place Randy Hounjet, AMJ Campbell – Vancouver, BC

3rd Place Marty Stanton, AMJ Campbell – Calgary, AB


National Account Sales Category B

1st Place Fran Roy, King’s Transfer Van Lines – Montreal, QC

2nd Place Cameron Scheel, AMJ Campbell Toronto West – Mississauga, ON

3rd Place Candice Fletcher, AMJ Campbell – London, ON


Individual Sales by Population Category

Category One

1st Place Eric Labrosse, AMJ Campbell – Montreal, QC

2nd Place Darlene McKeown, AMJ Campbell – Montreal, ON

3rd Place Debbie Butschler, AMJ Campbell – Vancouver, BC


Category Two

1st Place Kirk Grady, AMJ Campbell – Cambridge, ON

2nd Place Kelsie Smith, AMJ Campbell – London, ON

3rd Place Gary Fisk, AMJ Campbell – London, ON


Category Three

1st Place Bruce Budd, AMJ Campbell – Victoria, BC

2nd Place Bruce Pongracz, Jay’s Transportation Group Ltd. – Saskatoon, SK

3rd Place Randy Fulton, AMJ Campbell – Halifax, NS


Category Four

1st Place Virginia Willms, AMJ Campbell – North Bay, ON

2nd Place Tony Herritt, AMJ Campbell – St. John’s, NFL

3rd Place Amanda Kautzman, Jay’s Transportation Group Ltd. – Regina, SK


Category Five

1st Place Derek Croissant, Adler Moving Systems – Sault Ste. Marie, ON

2nd Place Mike Brenton, AMJ Campbell – Prince George, BC

3rd Place Gary Shillington, Borstad Relocation Systems – Grande Prairie, AB


Category Six

1st Place Joe Boudreau, Premiere Van Lines – Edwardsville, NS

2nd Place Chris Peake, Arrowsmith Moving & Storage – Parksville, BC

3rd Place Lorraine Carmody, Jay’s Transportation Group Ltd. – Battleford, SK


Top Booker of the Year

1st Place AMJ Campbell Toronto West – Mississauga, ON


Million Dollar Club

2nd Place AMJ Campbell – Vancouver, BC

3rd Place AMJ Campbell – Calgary, AB

4th Place AMJ Campbell – Ottawa, ON

5th Place AMJ Campbell – Montreal, ON

6th Place AMJ Campbell Toronto East – Markham, ON

7th Place AMJ Campbell – Cambridge, ON

8th Place King’s Transfer Van Lines – Calgary, AB

9th Place AMJ Campbell – London, ON

10th Place King’s Transfer Van Lines – Montreal, QC


Category Sales

Category One

1st Place AMJ Campbell – Oakville, ON

2nd Place Mackie Moving Systems – Mississauga, ON

3rd Place AMJ Campbell – Edmonton, AB


Category Two

1st Place Mackie Moving Systems – Oshawa, ON

2nd Place AMJ Campbell – Winnipeg, MB

3rd Place Premiere Van Lines – Winnipeg, MB


Category Three

1st Place Premiere Van Lines – Halifax, NS

2nd Place AMJ Campbell – Victoria, BC

3rd Place AMJ Campbell – Halifax, NS


Category Four

1st Place AMJ Campbell – Barrie, ON

2nd Place AMJ Campbell – North Bay, ON

3rd Place AMJ Campbell – Kelowna, BC


Category Five

1st Place Premiere Van Lines – Sydney, NS

2nd Place Adler Moving Systems – Sault Ste. Marie, ON


Category Six

1st Place Arrowsmith Moving & Storage – Parksville, BC

2nd Place Jay’s Transportation Group Ltd. – Prince Albert, SK

3rd Place AMJ Campbell – Kenora, ON