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6 Must Dos When Moving into a New Home

Change the Locks

Being handed the keys to your new home is a very exciting time! However, don’t forget these keys once belonged to someone else. The previous homeowner may have given a spare key to family, friends or neighbours. The best way to feel safe and secure in your new home is to replace or rekey the old locks. Rekeying is an alternate way of changing the locks without having to fully replace them. If you want your locks to be a different colour or design, consider replacing the hardware completely.


Spring Cleaning

Take a day or two before moving in to give your house a good thorough clean from top to bottom. It is best to get this done before your belongings arrive so you aren’t stuck migrating around furniture. Start by tackling rooms that collect the most dirt such as the kitchen and bathroom. Buy new cleaning supplies like brooms, mops and sponges to get the best results.


A Fresh Coat of Paint

Don’t underestimate the power of paint! A fresh coat can change the shape, size and atmosphere of a room all at once. It is also a great budget friendly way to add personal style to a space. Generally, light, cool colours make a room feel bigger whereas dark, warm colours tend to create a small, intimate setting. Once you have selected a colour scheme to match your taste, paint away!


Feng Shui

Create a happy well balanced home through feng shui decorating. The first rule in creating a good feng shui is eliminating all signs of clutter. Next, try incorporating as much natural and layered lighting as possible to make the room feel bright and airy. Finish the look by choosing the right colour scheme to match the mood you desire. For a more advanced feng shui, try adding dimension with shapes and texture.


Change the Landscape

Does your home have enough privacy and curb appeal? Consider adding fencing, trees, bushes and flowers to create a more private setting. Commemorate the year you arrived at your new home by planting a tree!


Have a Housewarming Party

Celebrate your new home with family and friends! Throw a gathering to show off your new living quarters and all the hard work you put in to making it your own. A housewarming is also a great way to meet your neighbours and get integrated into your new community.