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Sprucing Up Your Garden


Seasons are changing, and that means it’s time to get your garden ready to shine for the spring and summer months ahead. To help get started, we sat down with some expert gardeners who revealed their best gardening secrets to create a lively, home oasis.


Here are some tips from Canadian homeowners who can’t wait to get outside and work on their gardens.


Start Properly, Not Too Early

When starting your gardening after the winter it is important to be patient and let nature takes its course. Even if the ground seems like it is thawed, there are still insects and pollinators overwintering in the debris that need time to change with the seasons. With temperatures still changing rapidly, it is best to wait until the temperature evens out so that the seasonal activity of the ground is consistent.


Plan Your Layout

Take time develop a strategy and outline what will go where in your garden to make it easier when planting and buying. Knowing where things will go will help you decide how much you need to buy in terms of materials (dirt, woodchips, garden fencing, etc.). Spend a few days watching the weather patterns where the garden will be. Look for what parts are getting sun and for how long.


Do Your Research

Talk to other gardeners, workers at the garden center, and research online to clear up any questions you have before you start planting. Knowing what plant seeds you need and what type of soil they thrive in will help you when starting your garden.


Today’s gardener has shifted their focus on creating a greener and more eco-friendly atmosphere in their outdoor space. It is important to be mindful of providing habitats for insects, birds, small animals, and others living outdoors. The return to native plants and fostering a healthy and more sustainable planet has become a big part of many people’s lives.