DIY Home Project Ideas


DIY projects are a great way to personalize your home, expand your skills, and fill your down time with rewarding work.


As the world has been spending more time at home these days, we thought it was a great time to run a social media contest asking the public to show us their fun DIY home projects for the chance to win!


We received all types of entries from small art projects to big home renos and were amazed by the effort put into each piece of work. There was no project too big or too small because we know creativity comes in all shapes and sizes! With the help of our social media followers, we narrowed down our top 4 favourite projects we hope inspire you below.


Project 1: Recycled Bottle Cap Magnets and Buttons

– Made by Jenna L.


Get creative with what you already have and use old materials around the house. Save old bottle caps and turn them into magnets or buttons with your favourite sayings, logos or characters on them.


These cool DIY magnets and buttons are completely upcycled using recycled bottle caps, old magnets and earrings. They are environmentally friendly crafts that will bring a personal touch to your home and are also great as gifts.


Quick Tips for this DIY

  • Test out different paints, markers, and any other decorating material on your bottle caps to see what works best
  • Try to use bottle caps with a less colourful design on them for easier painting


Project 2: Upgrading Your Fireplace

– Made by Paul C.


If you have an outdated fireplace or are just looking for a new design, there are lots of DIY ways you can create a brand-new look. Paul’s DIY fireplace upgrade was a big project that began with ripping out the original material and covering it with reclaimed brick. A new mantle was built out of rough pine to give it a more antique feel and it turned out beautiful!


It is important to remember that all upgrades can always be customized to your style and budget. A simple coat of paint on your fireplace can do wonders in bringing the room together with a more current look and feel.


Quick Tips for this DIY

  • Make sure the fireplace is completely cooled or has no risk of turning on during your project
  • Make a plan for your design, including budget, colour scheme, materials and overall esthetic


Project 3: Homemade Stylish Signs

– Made by Tara H.


Get festive for the holidays and make some homemade decorations with the kids! Whether you buy craft kits and spruce it up yourself or make something from scratch there is lots of fun to be had with these DIY projects.


Crafting can become a great hobby and is always something fun to do with the whole family. Instead of hunting around the stores for the perfect holiday decoration why not create it at home!


Quick Tips for this DIY

  • Make sure you measure but don’t stress if the cuts aren’t 100% accurate
  • If you’re newer to painting or designing, practice on a sheet of paper first


Project 4: Reviving Your Old Deck

Made by Victor C.


Not all DIY projects need to be started from scratch. Sometimes it’s all about reviving an old piece, like this deck, and making it feel brand new again.


There are many different stages of DIY that go along with your level of experience. Some of the easiest ways to revive an old deck is giving it a good clean. This includes scraping off any loose wood chips, applying a wood cleaner, giving it a wash, and then putting a fresh coat of stain on top. These types of projects will protect your deck in the long run, create a cleaner look, and save you money.


Quick Tips for this DIY

  • Research the best types of wood cleaners and finishes for your specific deck
  • Rent tools such as power washers from your local hardware store

5 Ways to Adapt Your Move For The Pandemic


Moving during the current pandemic is a lot different than moving has been in the past. There are new precautions, mandatory rules, and behaviours that need to be followed.


Our priority throughout this pandemic has always been to keep our customers and our teams’ safe while continuing to provide exceptional quality service. Our team of professional movers are here to help you adapt to these new changes and make your move as stress-free as possible. The following tips were designed to help you prepare and feel more comfortable moving during a pandemic:


Tip 1: Research Your Moving Company


It’s important to stay informed and make sure the company you hire is following the correct procedures. Protect yourself and your family by researching your moving company before you start taking out your wallet. Search for a company that is clear with their COVID-19 procedures and is able to provide the level of comfort you are looking for.


Atlas Canada and our network of mover agents will continue to follow the recommended protocols of Health Canada, the CDC, and WHO. These help us ensure that there is a uniform set of guidelines and safety measures across all of our operations. If you have further questions about our safety protocols, please contact your local Atlas Van Lines moving agent to ensure peace of mind when moving.


Tip 2: Find a Moving Estimate


We know cost can be a major driving factor when choosing a mover, especially during the pandemic. Many people are planning their finances well in advance and considering all aspects of cost before making decisions. Atlas Van Lines can help you plan by providing you a moving estimate to ensure you know what to expect. Click to get your moving estimate today!


Tip 3: Plan Your Pre-Move Shopping


As many stores are limited to the number of people indoors or have resorted to curbside pick-up only, it is necessary to plan in advance what moving materials you will need. To try and limit the amount of contact you have with others, it’s best to plan what you need and where you need to go. What supplies do you need? What stores carry these supplies? Make a list to ensure you have enough packing and moving supplies so you don’t need to worry about running out last minute. If you can, try to limit yourself to 1-3 stores during your outing.


While shopping for moving supplies, don’t forget to pick up some safety materials as well. Make sure you’re stocked up on gloves you may need, hand sanitizer, cleaning products, and disposable masks. Having enough supplies will make it easier to follow health guidelines during your move.


Tip 4: Use Safety Supplies and Follow Procedures


Now that you’ve been able to go out and get all of your supplies, make sure you put them to use. Sanitizing and cleaning high touch surfaces before the move is important, but it is also important to try and maintain these efforts throughout moving day as well. Create a sanitizing station with all the essentials and assign one person to make sure high traffic areas are sanitized.


Tip 5: Designate a Point of Contact


Someone should also be designated as the main point of contact with the movers. This will limit closer contact with our team and your family to reduce any risk. Make sure you are following safety guidelines such as staying six feet apart, washing/sanitizing your hands, wearing a mask, and not removing your mask while interacting with others will help keep everyone safe.


By sharing the above tips, we hope to help you stay informed on how moving has changed during the pandemic and ways we can make the process less stressful for you. We can’t wait to help you Go New Places®.